The Frame Sofa: The Modern And Minimalist Sofa Made of 6 Cushions

Cho Hyun Suk, a designer from Seoul, South Korea, developed a modern style grey sofa that sits within a white metal frame. He designed the sofa as a furniture project for furniture and design company Munito. The said furniture is known as the Frame Sofa. The Frame Sofa comprises several upholstered sections. Each section is making up the body of the sofa. All upholstered sections are fitting well and snugly into the frame that wraps around the sofa. This is the closer look of the upholstery and the cushion design created by Cho Hyun Suk. The Frame Sofa offers innovative customization in an extraordinary and unique way. The cover on every modular section, from the arms and back to the seat cushions, can be replaced easily. Therefore, if you want to change your sofa style or the cover is already wearing out, you can immediately switch it up in accordance

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The QuadraOpus: Modular Furniture Serving As Seating, Shelving, And A Table

Anupria Singh, a student designer from India, decided to design modular furniture that can be functioned as multiple furniture pieces; a seating, a table, and shelving. Known as The QuadraOpus, the furniture can tackle the problem of small space owners who want to set up essential furniture at home without eating up much space. The background of this project began when Anupria conducted a case study of rooms and dormitories in Auroville, India. Based on that, she found that there was not plenty of storage space and the majority of the residents even did not have extra seating and shoe rack. From the case study, she opted for creating The QuadraOpus in hopes to solve the problems of small space owners. With the research as her guidance, Anupria designed the modular furniture using lightweight metal and wood. With the combination, The QuadraOpus is easy to stack and arrange based on


The Subtle Happiness: A Removable Table Lamp That Functions As A Vase

Ben Liu from Shanghai based product design Pushe Design Studio established the Subtle Happiness. It’s actually a removable table lamp that is also functioned as a décor item. It’s functional that it serves as a table lamp as well as a vase at once. Ben stated that the Subtle Happiness is a lamp that combines function and adornment. Its creation is in line with a compact style often found in metropolis living spaces as well as the fact that more homeowners prefer multifunction pieces. The materials used for the Subtle Happiness were aluminum, ash wood, and jade. The lamp has a table top that can be removed when you want to. Once removed, the piece will act only as a vase. On the other hand, the removed table top will act as a base for the light portion of the lamp. The piece will add a wow factor to any


RED DOT Armchair: A Modern 2D Armchair Designed By Gaudute Zilyte

A designer from Lithuania Gaudute Zilyte created a modern armchair called RED DOT. The main intention of this project was to create a bright 2D projection within the armchair. Made of an elastic material, the seat will tighten when you sit down on it. This set up will allow the chair to adapt to your weight, offering a comfortable seat altogether for its users. The designer decided to bend the metal legs of the chair in a unique way. Such design will ensure minimal bouncing and again offer comfort to anyone who sits on it. RED DOT armchair is a simple furniture piece comprised two basic elements; a carcass and a seat itself. The armchair will tempt you to sit on it and urge you to feel its deceptive depths. The armchair has three structural parts; the carcass made of black pipe, the taut red fabric, and the wooden hoop


8 Smart Wall Desk Inspirations For Small Space Owners

A small space and a desk aren’t always going hand in hand. But if you insist on having one desk, it’s possible that it’ll end up overcrowding your space. This won’t be an issue anymore if you incorporate these smart wall desk ideas into your small space: The shelving system is mounted to the wall. It comes with a larger shelf that is just right to function as a desk for your working space. Thanks to this kind of wall mounted desk, you will have a space saving desk, an office space, and a decorative element in one room. This piece won’t eat up your floor space as well. Coming in different heights, the series of wall mounted desk are suitable for kids and adults alike. These desks are completely the right match for a family home. This floating wall desk features a roll out shelf. Just pull it out


10 Striking Interior Sliding Door Ideas That Work For Every Home

Do you know that sliding doors are perfect for any interior? This type of door is stylish and modern, not to mention space-saving so it’s great even for small homes. Not only work as a room divider, but sliding doors also can hide functional corners such as laundry and pantry. The sliding doors also come with a number of styles you can pick based on your preference.  Let’s take a look at these sliding door ideas to inspire you, shall we? If you want to bring out an exquisite feel in the space, you should go with a refined vintage sliding door like this. Looking for an absolutely lovely option to separate your outdoor and indoor spaces? Then the answer is a glass sliding door. It brings transparency and much light inside. This sunroom is filled with neutral elements. But it still looks stunning with double sliding French doors, adding


These Brilliant Solutions Will Help You Stay Away From Boring White Sofas

White sofas are still relevant as long as they aren’t boring and bland. However, homeowners are still reluctant to have the sofa as it is high maintenance. Despite the fact, a white sofa is actually timeless and you can make it even more interesting if you know the tricks, high maintenance doesn’t matter anymore. These solutions will help you fend off the boring white sofas and come up with a new awesome look. Unique White Sofa Ideas Modern day designers make white and off-white sofas a bold statement in your room. Fortunately, you can copy such ideas for your own sofas and turn them into a unique statement.  This refined white sofa has a curved silhouette, perfectly great for a sophisticated space. For a super glamour look, you can combine a large creamy tufted sofa with ottomans. The geometric lines in this luxurious off-white sofa don’t make it boring anymore.

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Convert Your Double Sided Fireplace Into An Outstanding Room Divider

A double sided fireplace is very versatile as it can be installed anywhere in a home. Many designers and architects alike choose to give such fireplace a more important role by placing it centrally. Aside from being able to distribute the heat efficiently, it’s also ideal as a room divider. Let’s see how a double sided fireplace works as a room divider! Nicolas Tye Architects designed this double sided fireplace as a room divider in Knutsfor House. It has a clean look of stacked stone complete with a stand-alone column that acts as a floor to ceiling log holder. Snook Architects installed a void on the side of the fireplace. The vertical void functions as wood storage but it’s also great for room divider just as you can see from this picture. This Estudio Galera design showcases asymmetry look by establishing two distinctive cubes; one for the fire and another


Save More Spaces By Having These Wall-Mounted Desk Designed For Small Homes

There are many perks you will gain by having a wall-mounted desk than a regular desk. It is space-saver, convenient, multi-function, and stylish. You can also find a lot of different selections in the market, from folding desks to floating designs. Here we have gathered wall mounted desk designs you may consider to have for your small space: Wall System Desk Designs The Royal designed by Poul Cadovius is a built-in desk with a wall system. It looks large, but it will take only a little of your floor space. It provides not only a working surface but also extra storages. Another wall system desk you could choose is Cut-X desk by Sudbrock. It’s not integral but the entire system is minimal and sleek as it emphasizes more on the functional side. The desk comes in an aesthetically modern color scheme that can add more style to your interior. If


8 Extremely Cozy Reading Chairs Any Book Lover Will Absolutely Long For

If you are a book lover, you would want to design your reading nook as comfy as possible and that includes choosing the best reading chair for you. In case you need some inspirations to choose the right reading chair, you should check out what we have in store for you! Classic Wingback Chair Option Though a wingback chair is classic, it’s still on trend to date. There are numerous wingback chair designs you can pick for your reading nook. This navy velvet wingback chair is a match with the ottoman. It also looks great with colorful pillows to enhance your reading experience. If you prefer a classic style, this retro grey wingback chair with a matching footrest could be your choice. The touches of orange add interest to the space as well. Large vintage leather and fabric chair combined with a book stand and a metal floor lamp would