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Scandinavian Attic Apartment Architecture in Monochrome Design

This renovated house appears with the former Pris mansion of star Josephine Baker is now designed by architect Franҫois Pélegrin. The house left untouched with the Scandinavian style where the bathroom is on the upper floor. This bath space divided by the walls where the other side is the bedroom. The transparent glass shower space with the lining black small tiles decorating the bathroom in a minimalist way. The other interior coming with the triangle ceilings wall design. at the picture, the bedroom decorated with soft and smooth in the white color theme. The use of light-colored furniture there makes the space so comfy and cozy without any much decoration. the wooden elongated desks with the double windows at the diagonal roof functioning as the natural lighting. Apartment with Attic Scandinavian Architecture The detail of bed space design using the pole of whitewashed brick clad. The small corner bookshelves in

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Pleasing Apartment with Various Stunning Look

White is always playful that it could be mixing with any kind of furniture or colors. Combining with the grey color is a good way to show up your interior design. this time, the grey color applied for sofa, armchair, square carpet and curtain. Decorating your plain wall could be using the several pictures framed hanging up there. The triangle pattern of laminate wood help the apartment looks stunning even only use two colors. Having the narrow space for housing space is the challenging part. It takes a right and good plan to design the house interior.  Here, come the apartment that using two floor. The first floor for dinning and kitchen while the staircase applied the wooden laminate as the material. At the other side, the backsplash of the kitchen is on the black color that similar with the fence for the upstairs as the protector on the second

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Elegant Kitchen Interior with Contemporary Decoration

The whole housing part that play an important role is the presence of kitchen. The living space that could allow us to give the enough food and drink for everyday live. This time, decorating kitchen should be in right plan to do. the kitchen cabinet that using the different color theme for each furniture. The countertop and backsplash is using the dark grey matte color with the white color wall background painting. At the other side, we have the plywood kitchen cabinet in the middle of living space by applied the bright blue color. Then, the simple rounded flat pendant lamp with some spot light at the roof completed the decoration there. Having the simple kitchen interior is useful to make your cooking activities more wider with free space. there, the kitchen only using the white color for the surface of the backsplash and the wall painting with the windows

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Beautiful Decoration for Living Room Interior Design

The modern living room but in the luxurious decor with ornate look. The living room is using the white color for the white background such as roof, wall and sofa. There, the ornate decoration applied for the large high mirror, hanging chandelier, fireplace and the carpet. While the rest are decorate in simple way but still in modern design. then, the floor is using the natural dark brown color. At the other side, you can have the small fireplace with the ornate decor and medium mirror at the upside. Colorful color theme decoration always be the best one to apply in your living space. this living space applied the blue, yellow, green and pink color combination. The sectional blue sofa have the cushion in pink color and use the oval random table shape that made from the material of wood. At the other side, we have the twin armchair in

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Captivating Look Dinning Room Set with Recent Interior

There are so many way to living up your dinning room. here come with the colorful concept that would make you dinning space is end up in chic look. The using of grey and white color wall painting are the best choice for you to color up your space. we could start from using the large picture frame at the wall that use the portrait of women with colorful look. Then, the use of colorful line pattern for the red carpet on the laminate wooden floor. For decorating your dinning set, you can use the soft armchair in the various color. While the large thick dinning table is use the natural creamy light wooden as the material. Set up your dinning room is important thing to do because your quality of eat time based on a good atmosphere around you. This time, the wide space for dinning set is use

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Decorating Your Bedroom with Outstanding Concept

Here come with the gorgeous bed look to fill up your bed space. the bedroom that using the single large windows that could functioning as the door at once. The windows that using the simple grey curtain along from the roof until the floor. The simple white bed with the grey fur rug that suitable with the wooden floor. At the other side, the simple bench chair is suitable for relaxing at the corner close to the ventilation. The classic fireplace with the large mirror are the best combination. The simple bed style for your classic design could be designed beautifully. This time, the white bed is using the mustard color for bed cover with the retro metal bed frame there. At the other side, the large windows there with the plain pattern motive in dark brown color curtain. The crystal pendant lamp hanging up there in small size. The

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Extremely Excellent Design for Simple Bathroom Ideas

Designing your bathroom is much better to use the white as the color theme decoration. it is makes your bathroom looks wider and comfortable in bright, so your space is clean with the white sight there. Almost all furniture and interior bathroom using the white color. The touch of golden color for classic pendant lamps is absolutely stunning. Then, the simple square pattern grey tile for the floor makes your space suitable with the whites. Now the bathroom design is stunning with the addition of the potted plants. There are some potted plants that hanging them up at the roof and some are placed below on the floor or small bench. There, the medium bathtub is using the random pieces of wood that functioning to put your bath things there. The large window beside the bathtub would let you feel the comfortable because of the good ventilation with the orange

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Decorative Look for Home Office Design Ideas

Here come as the home office design in stunning result. This time, white color has been the perfect color choice for home office because the color brings peace and pleasant feeling and it suitable for working space in  your house. This home office didn’t need the pendant lamp or table lamp. here we use the the diagonal roof with the low part at one side. There the single long rectangular that function as the lighting is the enough for lighten up thee office space. the floating table and the main table with simple armchair is the perfect combination. The right lighting should be use for the home office design. the hanging light up there using the eye-catchy design by use many light bubbles that looks like chandelier in one circle line. Then. The wooden table with the simple armchair are suitable for minimalist home office design. the large dark book

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Wonderful Design for Various Flooring Ideas

Completing your house design should be done with the right choice for applying the floor. There is no problem, if you want to use the wooden as the primary material for flooring. This time, we choose the light wooden color because by the space will look wider and minimalist. The laminate wooden style for flooring is suitable with the other kitchen furniture there. There is the wooden table with the three stools makes the combination interior is stunning. Right now, there is the eye-catching design for flooring your house. This one coming up with the dark theme with the epoxy style. The floor decoration is inspired by the surface of the moon with the creamy brown color to combine. When you have this floor step on, you will feel the different experience. This ending look for the floor is perfectly decorating your living space without using much furniture again. Currently,

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Modern Design with Superb Look for Your Apartment

This time, we will give you the minimalist design that would makes your space feel comfortable. The apartment that will give you more space to breath without any furniture or interior interrupting there. The sectional grey light sofa is perfectly match the the light laminate wooden floor. While, the single red orange low back armchair is matching with the red wooden circle table there. Then at the other side, the abstract decor for creamy light carpet is almost similar with the wooden floor and the TV stand looks suitable with the black shelf. The fresh look for limited space one floor apartment now is available. The design that will let you put all your living space orderly. There, the bedroom is using the white bed cover with the large white windows and the large picture framed lean on the wall. By using the simple small room divider to separate with