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Newest Collection Contemporary Bathroom Interior

Here come the cool style of designing bathroom in simple way. The bath space is using the dark tile flooring that would perfectly avoid the slippery when the water is there. Then, the oval large white bathtub with the gold simple faucet are the adorable combination. While, the empty wall using the smooth tile there has the single floating desk to put on your goods. At the other side, to give more lighting except from the lamp, you can using the large white windows to make your bathroom brighter. Vintage look is could be applied beautifully in the bathroom. Here is the design of bath space that using the browny color theme. The wall color is using the creamy light that suitable with the using of grey abstract color tile flooring. There, the bathtub placed at the corner with the single windows to light up the space. at the other

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Extremely Excellent Design for Simple Bathroom Ideas

Designing your bathroom is much better to use the white as the color theme decoration. it is makes your bathroom looks wider and comfortable in bright, so your space is clean with the white sight there. Almost all furniture and interior bathroom using the white color. The touch of golden color for classic pendant lamps is absolutely stunning. Then, the simple square pattern grey tile for the floor makes your space suitable with the whites. Now the bathroom design is stunning with the addition of the potted plants. There are some potted plants that hanging them up at the roof and some are placed below on the floor or small bench. There, the medium bathtub is using the random pieces of wood that functioning to put your bath things there. The large window beside the bathtub would let you feel the comfortable because of the good ventilation with the orange

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Variant Excellent Design for Bathroom with Minimalist Decoration Idea

Here come as the eye-catching bathroom with modern design that will blow your minds. The simple bathroom in limited space that using the green plant as the main concern of decoration. the bathroom using the minimalist bathtub size in white color. Then, use the piece board of the wood for placing the things there such as faucet, shampoo and soap. At the other side, there is small enough bench to put others too. Let’s get another shot for bathroom ideas. This time, the bathroom using the bright purple color as the eye-catching part that mixed with the grey ceramic decor. This kind of interior bathroom decoration absolutely perfect for applied in the limited space. the using of interior in this Bohemian bathroom is focus on the furniture that using the ceramic for the purpose of long lasting. Beautifully Designed for Bathroom Ideas with Greeny Theme Another stunning look for limited

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The Various Look and Design for Grandfathers Decor Idea

Using the old furniture in this current era is kind of the classic way to get the best ending look in fresh decor. The good way to welcoming people is by decorating it by using the large grandfathers clock at the corner. Then, the other things you can do is by putting some picture frames hanging on the wall with the big braid basket on the floor. This grandfather clock perfectly fit with the white color background wall painting. Using your grandfathers clock is not always in your bedroom, living room or even dining room. at the other side, you can put your grandfathers clock in the bathroom. Make sure that it is in the safe and dry side, so it would endanger the clock by touching with water. Here the grandfathers clock decorate in black color and in medium size that would fit in your limited space. Adorable Look


Turn Your Bathroom Wall Into A Stunner With These Beautiful Decorating Ideas

Decorating the walls in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom is nothing new, but how about your bathroom? Your bathroom wall needs some attention too and you can do that by beautifying its walls with some decorations. What decoration ideas should you choose for the said walls? No worries, we have gathered the ideas just for you! Chalk It Up Now you have a more creative option to write messages in the bathroom. Instead of using bathroom stall, why not share notes and drawings on a chalkboard as seen in this bathroom example. You can even write down some friendly reminders on there. Tiled Treatment Option While this is quite a major revamp for your bathroom, the result would be mind-blowing. Installing tiles on your bathroom walls will definitely turn your bathroom into a stunner! There are many tile selections you can pick, so it’s easy to choose one that

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Let’s Create A Glamorous Bathroom Design For Your Home

How does it feel to have a bathroom that fit for movie star at your own home? Extra budget might be needed for this glamorous bathroom project, but if it’s worth it, then you’ll have it. House Beautiful has gathered luxurious bathroom ideas, so without any ado, let’s check them out together! Old School Glamour Bathroom This bathroom design is taken from Annie Brahler’s home in Illinois. It’s the designer’s master bath where chocolate walls make a perfect combination with the color white in a recycled tub. Added with the crystal light fixture, the old school glamour style is more apparent. A Spa-Like Oasis Designer Marshall Watson turned his master bath into a spa-like oasis. It comes with floor to ceiling windows, custom vanity with crystal bars, a cast-iron tub, and a crystal chandelier. The shades of gray make the bathroom look sophisticated too. Parisian Glam Bathroom The bathroom looks

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Assorted Look with Fresh Design for Bathtub Furniture

The new faces for bathroom furniture is always moving dynamically following the futures. The good things is, even there are a lot of modern design, there always the classic ideas mix in there. The bathtub shape that inspired by the bowl in simple design will makes your shower time worth to spend because using the white color is always relaxing. Recent bath furniture is not always in common style. Here is coming up the bathtub design in rectangular and using the wooden as the outer material. The low bathtub is using the contemporary shower that designed from the roof and they fall down just like the rain. Obviously, this kind of bathtub is wonderful to try. Mesmerizing Design for Minimalist Ideas Bathtub Another look for bath furniture is coming with the three layer design just like bowl shape in medium size. The bathtub that will makes your place is comfortable

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Stunning Small Bathroom Ideas With Minimum Cost

One of those days, you might be getting bored with the same old look bathroom. To top it off, you feel that the size is rather small for you to explore more option and you don’t have much money to remodel it to your liking. Yes, budget and size matter, but they can’t restrict your creative mind. You still can come up with a dream bathroom, even with limited cost and space. What does it take to have such bathroom in the home? These ideas will show you the way! Don’t Overstuff Your Bathroom When size involves in designing a small bathroom, it’s essential to keep everything simple. Meaning, you should go with a modest design, from the palette, flooring, and other bathroom necessities. But you can add a pop of color to showcase a simple yet elegant look, making the space far from dull. Make the Most of the

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Various Perfect Look for Sanity Ware Design

Dark Gray color is suitable for the simple bathroom design ideas. The smart decor with the plain look is excellent choice. Here, the upper cabinet at the bathroom is also functioning as the mirror as well. The clear wash place is match with the below cabinet wooden gray color. For additional goods, the wardrobe beside the sanity ware is in the open type and close door type. Adorable Water Look for Sanity Ware The color of blue sea will fit on the wash place for sanity wares. The water color will suitable in the blue sea color, then the stunning look will be there. The simplest way to give the best result is using the small and thin faucet in stainless steel color. This wash place has the particular height that would avoid from the messy water squirt. Facing bathroom is always about the color painting and furniture. The good

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Small Bathroom Design Ideas to Copy for Your Tiny Bathroom

You probably think that your small bathroom is a hopeless case. It looks dull and uninteresting, but you don’t have many ideas with such a small space. This is where you thought wrong. Regardless of the size, you can still turn your boring bathroom into a stunning one. There are a lot of things you can do to remodel your small-sized bathroom. The smallest change is by adding some natural elements as a decoration or a statement. One small change will definitely affect the whole ambiance of the space. Other than that, these following design ideas might be helpful to you: Don’t Go Overboard with the Storage Having quite a number of storage may be helpful to deal with a small-sized space, but it doesn’t always work that way. Although you own a tiny bathroom, you don’t have to go overboard with the storage. The trick is just to focus