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The QuadraOpus: Modular Furniture Serving As Seating, Shelving, And A Table

Anupria Singh, a student designer from India, decided to design modular furniture that can be functioned as multiple furniture pieces; a seating, a table, and shelving. Known as The QuadraOpus, the furniture can tackle the problem of small space owners who want to set up essential furniture at home without eating up much space. The background of this project began when Anupria conducted a case study of rooms and dormitories in Auroville, India. Based on that, she found that there was not plenty of storage space and the majority of the residents even did not have extra seating and shoe rack. From the case study, she opted for creating The QuadraOpus in hopes to solve the problems of small space owners. With the research as her guidance, Anupria designed the modular furniture using lightweight metal and wood. With the combination, The QuadraOpus is easy to stack and arrange based on


RED DOT Armchair: A Modern 2D Armchair Designed By Gaudute Zilyte

A designer from Lithuania Gaudute Zilyte created a modern armchair called RED DOT. The main intention of this project was to create a bright 2D projection within the armchair. Made of an elastic material, the seat will tighten when you sit down on it. This set up will allow the chair to adapt to your weight, offering a comfortable seat altogether for its users. The designer decided to bend the metal legs of the chair in a unique way. Such design will ensure minimal bouncing and again offer comfort to anyone who sits on it. RED DOT armchair is a simple furniture piece comprised two basic elements; a carcass and a seat itself. The armchair will tempt you to sit on it and urge you to feel its deceptive depths. The armchair has three structural parts; the carcass made of black pipe, the taut red fabric, and the wooden hoop


8 Extremely Cozy Reading Chairs Any Book Lover Will Absolutely Long For

If you are a book lover, you would want to design your reading nook as comfy as possible and that includes choosing the best reading chair for you. In case you need some inspirations to choose the right reading chair, you should check out what we have in store for you! Classic Wingback Chair Option Though a wingback chair is classic, it’s still on trend to date. There are numerous wingback chair designs you can pick for your reading nook. This navy velvet wingback chair is a match with the ottoman. It also looks great with colorful pillows to enhance your reading experience. If you prefer a classic style, this retro grey wingback chair with a matching footrest could be your choice. The touches of orange add interest to the space as well. Large vintage leather and fabric chair combined with a book stand and a metal floor lamp would


Indoor Or Outdoor, These Hanging Chairs Will Look Great Anywhere

If you look for a wow factor to adorn your indoor or outdoor spaces, why not go with a well-styled hanging chair instead? Have one up in your living room as a statement piece or hang one on your porch, the hanging chair is just about good anywhere. Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at these following ideas! Ben Swing Chair Built from a classic blend of dark rattan and wicker, this bean-shaped hanging swing chair will make you stay longer than you were originally thought. It looks cozy from the look of it, imagine if you have one yourself! Pod Hanging Chair with Cushion Sit on this cozy sheltered perch and you will not want to leave. Added a tufted taupe cushion, this chair will enhance your lounging experience. Lake City Swing Chair A contemporary spherical design coupled with layers of weatherproofed spruce wood will make a standout


These Iconic 1960’s Bubble Chairs Were Interpreted by British Designer Ben Rousseau

Do you remember this bubble chair created by Eero Aarnio in 1968? Years later, we still see this kind of chair decorating our homes or even other buildings. It is that iconic that even people in modern days are willing to have this furniture around. A huge number of bubble chairs are available in the market with a varying design that can be adjusted based on your preference. Even many infamous designers have recreated the original 1968 bubble chair with their own style, adding a more modern touch to it. One of the designers is Ben Rousseau. The British designer paid tribute to the original bubble chair design by launching his own version.  The bubbly chair was included in his latest furniture collection. Rousseau admitted that he always loved the original design by Aarnio as it is iconic 60s design yet it is timeless. Bubble chairs are quite versatile too.

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These Seating Nooks Were Inspired By Mountains, Glaciers, and Tents

When Studio O+A was in charge of designing the Slack headquarters in San Francisco, the United States of America, the design team came up with a fun and interesting idea that could complement the whole interior design of the modern office. The idea was to incorporate seating nooks shaped like tents, mountains, and glaciers. Upon entering the lobby area, one of the unique seating nook designs can be soon. It is in the shape of tent made of wood material. The seating nooks are intact with upholstered seating and planters. The space works for short meetings or even meditation section. Moving on to the 4th floor, the design team included wall seating that reminds you of the sharp geometry of mountain peaks. The design makes a contrast to the soft textures and sound-proof warmth of the upholstery. On the 9th floor, you can find a seating nook that looks as

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Decorative Look for Home Office Design Ideas

Here come as the home office design in stunning result. This time, white color has been the perfect color choice for home office because the color brings peace and pleasant feeling and it suitable for working space in  your house. This home office didn’t need the pendant lamp or table lamp. here we use the the diagonal roof with the low part at one side. There the single long rectangular that function as the lighting is the enough for lighten up thee office space. the floating table and the main table with simple armchair is the perfect combination. The right lighting should be use for the home office design. the hanging light up there using the eye-catchy design by use many light bubbles that looks like chandelier in one circle line. Then. The wooden table with the simple armchair are suitable for minimalist home office design. the large dark book

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Blow Your Mind with Perfect Outdoor Furniture for Summer

The careful plan really needed to give the best result for making design of outdoor furniture. Making the outdoor furniture that long lasting, durable and strong because the weather is the only enemy for them. this time, the simple classic motive rattan in black color standing hanging chair. The hanging chair with the soft base to seat on and some cushion there to give the comfortable back. Another look for the hanging chair that using the same material. The rattan is assume as the suitable material to use for hanging chair that is strong. The hanging chair is using the holder in once, so several hanging chairs could be hang on there together. The creamy wood color chosen to complete look with the dark cushion in there. Creative Decoration Ideas for Hanging Chair Not only hanging chairs that is favorite. The leaf lounge for outdoor space is absolutely beautiful. This

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Fresh Decoration Sofa in Modern Look

The limited space of your living space never become a problem. There is sectional long sofa that one leading line that will fit on your narrow room. the simple sofa that using the twin cushion with different size. The sofa with the minimalist design always suitable with any color, even it is the dark color such as old brown shelves behind the sofa. The use of sofa doesn’t always inside the house, but it could be outdoor of your house. There is one type pf sofa outdoor that use the modern ideas. The large hanging up sofa that use the cement holder and the large rope to be tied up there. The rounded sofa that will swing and makes you feel more comfortable with the several cushions. The rustic decoration of sofa that use in grey blue color fabric is the best choice to use. The sofa that has the

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Top Trends for Chair Design with Various Look Furniture

Attractive chair always be the interesting to see and to try. There is a look like for making the design chair that inspired by the capsule shape. The design that provide you the high back to make your seat time more comfortable. The design that giving the comfort zone for you with the surrounding side rattan decoration and the soft high back and seat on place there. Here, the small chair using four feet that would makes your seat with cozy feeling. The chairs that using the bright brave color such as red is eye-catching. The design that provide the hand place for two side right and left with the high back. To beautify your chair, try to use the cushions for each chair and the soft base seat on there. This kind of chair require the medium size chair and for not children size. Alternative Chair Design for Current