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These Seating Nooks Were Inspired By Mountains, Glaciers, and Tents

When Studio O+A was in charge of designing the Slack headquarters in San Francisco, the United States of America, the design team came up with a fun and interesting idea that could complement the whole interior design of the modern office. The idea was to incorporate seating nooks shaped like tents, mountains, and glaciers. Upon entering the lobby area, one of the unique seating nook designs can be soon. It is in the shape of tent made of wood material. The seating nooks are intact with upholstered seating and planters. The space works for short meetings or even meditation section. Moving on to the 4th floor, the design team included wall seating that reminds you of the sharp geometry of mountain peaks. The design makes a contrast to the soft textures and sound-proof warmth of the upholstery. On the 9th floor, you can find a seating nook that looks as

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Amoeba: A Modern Office with Floating Roof Design in Surat, India

Amoeba is a modern office building situated in Surat, India. The amoeba-shaped office was designed by Hiren Patel Architects. It consists of two director offices, an administration area, and a meeting room. The design team incorporated curved glass walls into the building composition. The curved glass walls are essential to add transparency. With the installation of the glass walls, the views of the surrounding gardens from the offices are uninterrupted. The office building was designed in such a way to fend off the hot and humid climate in India. Some areas of the office are open to the elements of the building. A cantilevered roof stretches beyond the walls to offer shade for the office interiors. The design makes the roof on this amoeba-shaped office as if it floats above walls of glass. This is the look at one of the existing office areas. This space showcases how the glass

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Joeris Headquarters: A Corporate Headquarters Showcasing Texas Roots

LPA Inc. was responsible for developing the 40,000-square-foot corporate headquarters for Joeris General Contractors in San Antonio, Texas. The two-story building incorporates Texas roots into the design, from the mature oak trees to the fabled Texas climate.The architecture team used Texas limestone stone from local quarries for the façade. In addition, repurposed wood attained from the seats of a renovated historic stadium was utilized on the accent walls and ceiling. Joeris General Contractors has been operating for more than 50 years and previously the operations were spread throughout several buildings. However, with the headquarters, the operations are all united under one roof. The interiors were designed in such a way to accommodate the varying functions. There are collaborative spaces to gather the different departments of the corporate. To connect the two wings of the building, the design team developed a second-story bridge that opens up the site to the oak

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Edwards Lifesciences Starr Atrium and Campus: An Industry-Leading Medical Device Maker in California

LPA Inc. was appointed to renovate Edwards Lifesciences Starr Atrium and Campus in Irvine, California. It’s an industry-leading medical device maker that has attained the LEED Platinum. The 22,000-square-foot Starr Atrium creates a connection between two existing office buildings, providing a dramatic new entry to the corporate headquarters. The atrium functions as a collaborative space, gathering point, and social area for the staff. It is also functioned as a venue for hosting events, such as company meetings and product launches. The atrium is a large flexible space that helps to showcase the company’s image and values. Furniture clusters are arrayed across the space to bring the space to life as well as to create different spaces for people to collaborate and work. On one side of the hall, there are stadium stairs that offer a casual set up for solo work time or meetings. It comes with red cushions on

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701B: A 24-Story Office Building With Striking Architecture And Amenities

701B was designed by LPA, Inc. It is stretching across a city block in Downtown San Diego, California. The 571,000-square-foot office building comes with 24 stories and has striking architecture as well as highly sought-after amenities. In this project, LPA’s team that consisted of in-house architects, landscape architects, interior designers, lighting designers as well as civil and structural engineers utilized an integrated process to produce a progressive space that attracts tenants in commerce, tech, and finance field. This modern office building is accessible from many of San Diego’s destinations, including from the Symphony Hall, City Hall, Opera, and Central Library. The building entrance is signed with a striking, sculptural shade trellis. This functional and artistic trellis was inspired by the movement of Manta Ray when it glides through the ocean. There’s also a dramatic 65-foot, high glazing glass wall to help set the scene behind this striking sculpture. Not only

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The Light Shed: A Small Backyard Office For Architects’ Workplace Designed by Richard John Andrews

This small backyard office called the Light Shed is located in London, England. It has recently been completed by architecture and design studio Richard John Andrews. The small backyard office was constructed to function as their own workplace. The workspace is set in a mid-terraced east London garden. It can be accessed from the main house through a small yard and path. To build the Light Shed, the design team utilized a modular timber frame system using full sheets of plywood. In addition, the black lightweight corrugated fiberglass panels were incorporated to cover the building.  These materials needed to be prefabricated on the ground and lifted into place. To connect the office to the garden, the design team opted for bespoke timber sliding doors. The doors also help to offer natural light. Inside the workspace, there are two work stations with open shelving hovering above. The shelving acts as an

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LinkedIn – Building 950 And 1000: A Walkable Campus With The Urban Park Connection

As LinkedIn grew stronger with more than 300 million users in over 200 countries, the business felt the need to consolidate the company’s headquarters into one location in order to encourage a culture of collaboration. With that in mind, they moved the research and development team to 950 and 1000 Maude where they purchased an adjacent site in Sunnyvale, California. To design their new office, LinkedIn appointed RMW Architectural & Interiors to design the new walkable campus. Each ground floor features the majority of the common spaces accessed by 1200 employees that work in the company. In addition, there’s also a 500-seat café with 7 different food stations and a 255 seat auditorium set on the ground floor of the 950 building. Meanwhile, the ground floor of 1000 Maude features the main visitor entry, a fitness facility, a juice bar, and a center for training and meeting.  Office space mainly

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Southpoint Apartments: Modern Housing at Brisbane’s South Bank

Southpoint Apartments is a modern housing developed by Jackson Teece in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is one of the largest Transit Oriented Developments in Australia and the first of its kind at Brisbane’s South Bank. The apartments were designed on a total 86,000-meter-square site across the nearby three towers. Aside from the residential apartments developed by Teece, other towers house the most awarded boutique luxury hotel ‘Emporium’ by Anthony John Group taking up the two Northern towers, then there’s the commercial office tower to the south as the home to the new headquarters of Flight Centre. Due to its architectural character, urban design, and sensitive master planning, the project received many high praises and awards, such as 5 Star GBCA and NABERS ratings. The master plan integrated the Collins Place, one of the few existing Victorian style houses in South Bank. Previously, the house was neglected for years and lost

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Prudential’s Los Angeles Office: A Serene and Comfortable Workspace with Sophisticated Details

RMW Architecture and Interiors was in charge of designing Prudential office in Los Angeles. The design’s aim is to re-imagining the office’s historic brand for its Los Angeles workspace. The office is inspired by a form of visual connection between the Santa Monica coast and Angeles Natural Forest in Los Angeles. The design team wanted to bring in the look and the feel of the coast and the natural forest into this 9,190-square-foot, v-shaped office, in hopes that it will bring a more comfortable and serene working environment. Coming with sophisticated detail, this 8th-floor Century City space showcases the result of extensive programming. It also embraces a comfortable and serene interpretation of the brand within the context of Los Angeles. In this project, RMW also took part in the art and plant consultation for the office. Natural light is enhanced by intermediate glass fins between the conference rooms and office

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G-Rough: A Transformation of A Historic Family Home to A Contemporary Boutique Hotel

Gabriele Salini decided to transform his family home into a boutique hotel named G-Rough. Located in the heart of Rome, Italy, G-Rough was previously a historic property which was Salini’s family home for hundreds of years. The five-story hotel was designed with his passion for art, history, modernist design in mind. Collaborated with Giorgia Cerulli, Benedetta Salini, Vittorio Mango, and Emanuele Garosci, Salini created the hotel with a rough yet refined aesthetic seen throughout the space. The building was also designed to show off its 400-year-old glory. The designing team opted for preserving and exposing the original timber ceilings, while the walls were layered with hundreds of years of paint that can be seen in most of the rooms. Despite the historic touches, the hotel comes with contemporary arts and mid-century furnishings. The hotel has ten hotel suits and each has been decorated in similar fashion and furnishings. Few hotel