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Curved House Architecture with Touch of Nature in Contemporary Design

This time, the Austrian architectural as the result of practice Caramel Architects built this contemporary house for a young family in the suburbs of Vienna. At the picture above, you will see the sideline of the exterior residence done in white color theme with transparent large windows, the extra outdoor block floor closely to the front side yard beautifully complete this house. At the picture above, you can see the living space done in minimalist way. The interior house is contemporary with the simple furniture. The black sofa on the laminate wooden floor suitable with the white elongated desk. There,the large windows place could be set as your house office. At the other side, the opened large windows connect directly to the outside view. Nature Touch Architecture in Modern Curved House Design In this interior house, the white play as the main color that functioning to widen the space and

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Villa Beach for Modern Mid-Century Built by Worn Materials

This one coming with the special house that Architecture studio Woods Bagot has been finished the current section of a weathered seaside house that located in Australia. It has been 20 years of making and designed as  the home for Woods Bagot CEO Nik Karalis, the St Andrews Beach Villa began in 1999 as a simple example on Mornington Peninsula. When you see this house interior, you will amaze with the open large windows that made from wooden. This bedroom design to allows you have the unlimited view directly from your bed. Another side of interior house is the kitchen design in clad with warm-colored reclaimed wood then a stone countertop and the dinning set in wooden table with simple metal chairs. This kitchen done with the white countertop and backsplash that covered mostly with wooden just like the walls. The classy design of kitchen interior makes the look of

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Chauncey Knoll Residence in Forested Landscape by Carlton Architecture

The unusual house located in the forested landscape in Carolina and designed by Carlton Architecture. The house that designed specially with attractive things because it provide have something to learn from. This time, the house that mostly applied wood as the main material for walls, floor, and furniture. As you can see at the picture above, this kind of interior applied the modern sanitary wares with the black faucet. The small windows at the corner with large mirror and small light on the wall complete this interior. Here coming the design with the white color theme. The white color applied for the roof, walls and the floor. Some of the furniture done in wooden such as the desks, framed mirror, framed door there. While, there is brick wall there to give the smooth decoration. the large mirror coming with dried potted plant beautify this room interior. Classy Residence with Forested

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Renovated and Extended Architecture with Elegant Modern for Historical House

This house was created in 1907 and now extended and remodeling into the fresh out one now. A cubic volume with large windows that applied the 20th-century home in the city to add space and bring natural light inside the house. The Portland architecture firm Beebe Skidmore beautifully throughout this renovated residence. The kitchen that designed specially with a series of openings and windows to fill up the inside with the natural light. On the top of the floor, there is bathroom with the dark color theme. The brick wall style throughout the bathroom with an open large windows for view from up there. There are twin white pendant lamp with the single white bathtub on the laminate wooden floor. The classy carpet enrich the look for this minimalist bathroom. Remodeling of House 1907 with Modern Architecture Inside this house, an open layout help to maximize the space, for purpose

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Scenario Design for Modern Split Level House with Open Glass Architecture

This time, the house that result with the scenario design of the architect become into the residence that located in Hackney. Scenario Architecture built this house with the desire to remodel it for family needs. The split level architecture makes the angles glass roof over the stairs and the maximum dinning table with natural lights comes in. The staircase coming with the ultra-minimalist look and sleek enough with the hidden storage and the transparent glass holder railing there. Another look for this split level house architecture coming with the minimalist openness space. the kitchen that done with sleek dark cabinet for the backsplash and the white clear countertop. At the other side, the dinning space with black modern armchairs and wooden dinning set suitable with the natural creamy brick wall. The open space makes this living room looks fresh and stunning. Modern House for Scenario Architecture Design Take a look

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Cool Cantilivered House with Mountain Architecture Ideas with Restricted Budget

Here come for UZ Architecture present their current works. it is named as DH House that placed in the difficult access for large construction vehicles. This house located in the center of Taiwan on a mountain that framed by two valleys. Appear with privacy design for offering house that arranged in smart way to highlighted this residence from the outside. This house coming with stylish cantilivered type that build on a mountain feet that specially design for retired couple who restricted budget. This house absolutely applied the minimalist design that using low-tech building design. designed with lightweight metal structure and the joined roof wall exterior suitable for weather situation. When you see this house exterior, you will remain the container look there. The natural landscape allows the architects to create the creative building for some particular aspect purpose. Valley Panoramic View for Mountain House Architecture The architects are following the

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SheOak Architecture with Casual and Comfortable Black Beach House Ideas

Located in Kingscliff, New South Wales, Australia. This residence designed by Base Architecture that use SheOak House as the idea of the design. the first look of this house appear with the large black box on a beach-front along the way that designed with casual, informal, inviting and comfortable style. This house lies on the 350 square meter that done by mixing with the floating architecture of monochrome and wooden combination. At the picture above, the white color dominated as the theme decoration color there. This bathroom combining the glass transparent interior for giving the modern touch inside. The large mirror suitable with the wooden interior design. at the other side, the shower and toilet place are covered and divided with the transparent glass wall. Almost all this furniture bathroom using white color to give the wider effect there. Casual and Informal SheOak House Architecture for Beach House Let’s take

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Residence with Farmhouse Architecture for Calistoga Modern Design

This house is takes a modern look with traditional farmhouse architecture that looks stunning. American firms Wade Design Architects and Geremia Design use the farmhouse modern architecture to built a wood-clad house in North California. At the picture above, the dinning room set with high back wooden chairs on the grey tile floor. The simple white pendant lamp with the holder wooden ceiling makes this look so comfy yet pleasant. The presence of large windows at the bedroom makes this living space get an enough sun lighting and a good fresh air circulation. The white colortheme of this bedroom makes the sense of cozy and comfy stronger with the greenery addition there such as single potted plant with some green furniture. The built in fireplace there makes this bedroom get the balance temperature between freshness and warmness. Adorable Look with Contemporary Calistoga Farmhouse Residence There is a single breakfast nook

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Nouveau Art Idea for House Architecture with Minimalist Design

This one architecture obviously appear with fresh and cool house look. Here, Cedric Meuris and Bernard Devaux change the nouveau houses circa 1906 that located in Brussels, Belgium into the beautiful one in white. They renovated the house by using the white color as the theme decoration. as you can see at the picture above, the many golden hanging glass lamp decorate the white ceiling beautifully. Talking about furniture, they use the collection of mid 20th Century Scandinavian type of furniture with the addition of original art. Those furniture would fill up this interior house exclusively. This bedroom, using the white color theme that applied for the bed, walls, ceiling and curtains. The interesting thing about this bedroom is the shape of ceiling and wall that appear as the 3D triangle shape lean on up there. An amazing view as the interior house with the simple balcony at the other

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Wooden Style for Old Barn in Contemporary House with Unique Architecture

Coming with an old barn type that turned into a stylish house with the horizontal wooden layers for each exterior of this house. Kwint Architecten with Dutch design studio currently finished a barn in the countryside. The residence that joined into an interesting vernacular structure south of the city of Eelde, the Netherlands. The kind of wooden layers interior that could allows the air circulation covered with transitory space before come in to the inside house. When you going to the inside of this house, the different look would appear there. The wood as the main material play an important role here. The floor is using the wood while the pole interior using the steel in blue colors. This ending look so unique yet stunning. Old Barn Architecture coming with Modern House Design The interior side of this house is coming with the simplicity that combined with the traditional taste.