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Weekend House Style with Sculptural and Abstract Lakefront Architecture

The architect using designed in a beautiful way with the lakefront view on the other side. The house is decorated in stunning way. The use of white color as the part of the house decoration makes the ending look so beautiful with the greenery view around the house. Taylor and Miller Architecture and Design decorate this house with an abstract composition of volumes and forms. The house is located in Massachusetts with the lakefront sight there. There is the hight skylight that decorates this house and made from the plywood. The smooth plywood interior skylight decorates with the exterior that coming in white color. this one looks so beautiful that you can look at the above and find the sky there from inside the house. Sculptural Architecture Lake House in Attractive Look The interior house coming with a stunning look where the simple dinning table with the fabric on it

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Wooden Decor for Current Architecture Annex Residence

The two volumes house coming with the named Annex that has been completed by DUBBELDAM Architecture as the residential project. This house is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, especially for a young couple. The interior house still uses the wooden as part of the design decoration. the dinning room appears with the large rectangular table with the black sofa armchair low back and the black large pendant lamps as the decor. There is the room divider that made from wooden with the built-in deck that you can put something on there. The house would perfectly be seen with the dark color theme for the exterior. The use of maroon color for the upper side house and the black color for the ground makes the ending look so bold yet beautiful with the extra terrace. The trees around the house complete this house architecture with the grey dark outdoor furniture there

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Vaulted Concrete Skylights for Contemporary Moving House Architectural

Appear with the term of moving house, EAT Architects’s designed this dwelling beautifully with spaciousness, soft light and breezy atmosphere. This Moving House located in the Kew, Melbourne, Australia. At the picture above, the white aluminum screen wraps perfectly around the exterior house. The transparent windows and doors directly gives the yard view with greenery look there and get some extra roof concrete for each door. The living room coming with the minimalist way that you may also have the dinning area at the same time. The concrete decorate this house interior for the walls and ceilings. the shining grey light sofa looks so adorable with the presence of wooden dinning table. At the other side, the transparent white curtains give the outstanding look as part to complete the interior house. Modern Architecture Moving House with Concrete Vaulted Skylights As you can see at the picture above, even the interior

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Wonderful House Design with Concrete and Glass Wall in Stunning Architecture

The dwelling where the combination of industrial and current decoration is the excellent way to bring the fresh look architecture. Here, MLZD Architecture designed specially this house with modern concrete that located in Switzerland. Take a look for the master bed space above, the one that fully clad with dark rough wood for the walls and ceilings. the presence of glass wall with the storage underneath makes this space looks so minimalist. At the other side, the door coming with the simple one where the storage could be functioning as the place to seat on. Then, some industrial bubbles lights complete this bedroom. At the picture above, the kitchen space designed in minimalist way with minimum decoration. coming with uncluttered way, the hidden behind dark wooden doors without handles. The kitchen island appear with the white concrete with the simple several spot lights on the ceilings. the white creamy floor

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Wood as The Decoration for Recent Coastal Cabin Architecture

Cabin with the custom home design that made specially to get easily blend with the surroundings. At the picture above, the house is constructed by Asante Architecture & Design and located along the coast of Norway. Take a look into the interior house, coming from the bath space using the single large window that directly show the awesome view of the coast with its nature look. The presence of using white walls ceilings tiles and navy tiles floor makes the living space so stunning. The bathtub and single desk built in are the best combination for this bathroom interior. House that using the dark wooden exterior is applied the Scandinavian design with some coastal touches. At the picture above, the roof is covered by sedum grass, making it blend further into the landscape around. The architect using Japanese technique of burned wood for the facade for weather treated which needs

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Textural Touches of Stunning Screen House with Contemporary Architecture

Here, the architecture house coming with the textural touches that designed by Australian architecture firm Carter Williamson. This residence called as the Screen House with the current style and chic touches and stylish textures. This one has the outdoor living room and dinning space with a white concrete platform. At the picture above, the greenery sight fill up the space, it makes the environment better and fresher. Actually this house have two bathrooms with the different look. The latter is completely covered with black penny tiles with a standing bathtub, a raw wooden edge stand, white bulb pendant lamps and frosted glass windows. The diagonal ceiling that using the small penny tiles makes this bath space looks so outstanding. Modern Design with Textural Touch for Screen House Type This house has the attractive kitchen that appear with the black cabinets with the high back leather chairs. The large wooden dinning

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Unique Look for Old Stone House with Current Architecture

The conversion house coming with the ideas of design by Henkin Shavit Architecture & Design. this house using the ancient stone as the main material and right located in the ancient city of Safed, Israel. At the picture, you will see the bathroom appear hidden in one space with bedroom. The use of frosted glass doors and the focal point is the original stone walls decor. The architecture using colored-light stone so any kind of furniture style and color. At the picture above, the illuminated well and frosted glass doors functioning as the room divider between the bed space and bathroom. The simple white dresser with small sink looks so suitable with the rounded mirror. This kind of interior design always stunning in the eyes. Mixing Architecture Between Ancient Stone and Contemporary Design Actually, this dwelling using the modern style architecture even with ancient stone as the decor. The interior

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Tasteful Recent House Ideas with Attractive Split Level Architecture

Again, coming with the house that designed by Melbourne-based Techne Architecture + Interior Design. the residence that using the nestling into the slope split house design sees light filled the open spaces rotating off a central dark spine. The bath space of this house designed in large room with the grey and warm-colored wood with the double sink and elongated wooden dresser. The presence of large folded mirror makes this bathroom as the modern package of interior bath house. Let’s take a look into the living room with the breakfast space at the corner. The presence of creamy white rounded sofa, a storage unit, a velvet chair and a glazed framed walls that gives the awesome view from the inside. The dark cushions with the rounded tables on the stunning carpet makes the space looks comfy. The transparent glazed walls always help to keep the living room get an enough

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Treehouse with Current Architecture and Pointed Look

House with the stunning tree ideas appear with the name Taringa Treehouse that described by the Phorm Architecture + Design. this treehouse located in the backyard of a property in the Queensland city. The exterior look of this house using the wedge-shaped with two floors with the extra outdoor space. the use of neutral color such as light-colored wood, brown and white colors give the nice look combination there with the greenery environment around the house. Another look for outdoor side of this treehouse, coming with the fully opened glazed walls. The minimalist living room with the dark comfy bean bags on the laminate wooden floor. The single windows give the automatically lighting inside the room. this living space doesn’t need more furniture to decorate the interior. Contemporary Treehouse Architecture in Unique Look This house has the unusual architecture in pointed shaped, the interior of this house follows the design.

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Western Forest House Architecture on a River with Windows and Skylights

House with a stunning exterior constructed by Robert Hutchison Architecture and located outside of Seattle in Greenwater, Washington near MT. Rainier. This residence lies on the 1.900 square feet and sits within a forest right on the banks of the White River. At the picture above, the bedroom using wooden beams, floors, furniture and the narrow horizontal window to give you some privacy. The wooden ceilings, headboard and nightstand makes the bed space looks so comfy when combine with white color. The bathroom appear with the earthy color palette in wooden furniture and interior. There is the frosted glass that functioning as the room dividers between the toilet and shower space. the large wooden dresser with the white tiles walls complete this bathroom interior in minimalist way. The presence of narrow horizontal windows to give the stunning sun lighting inside the living space. Windows and Skylights Architecture in Western House