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10 Striking Interior Sliding Door Ideas That Work For Every Home

Do you know that sliding doors are perfect for any interior? This type of door is stylish and modern, not to mention space-saving so it’s great even for small homes. Not only work as a room divider, but sliding doors also can hide functional corners such as laundry and pantry. The sliding doors also come with a number of styles you can pick based on your preference.  Let’s take a look at these sliding door ideas to inspire you, shall we? If you want to bring out an exquisite feel in the space, you should go with a refined vintage sliding door like this. Looking for an absolutely lovely option to separate your outdoor and indoor spaces? Then the answer is a glass sliding door. It brings transparency and much light inside. This sunroom is filled with neutral elements. But it still looks stunning with double sliding French doors, adding


The Endless Possibilities of Using Glass Garage Doors Not Just For Your Garage

The design of glass garage doors has evolved, making it even more stylish than before. Due to that, it’s a pity if you can explore the possibilities of using the garage doors in other spaces beyond your garage. These ideas might inspire you to do just that! In this example, glass garage doors were used on a lower-level cabana. Even Dan Nelson, AIA, Principal at Designs Northwest Architects has finished several projects involving glass garage doors. They used the doors to open up rooms to outdoors. Nelson also installed a glass overhead door in his office to function as a security door between the office and stairwell. There are other things you can do with glass garage doors. Rob Reyes at Glass Garage Doors & Entry Systems installed those doors in almost every room of the house. His team installed them in kitchens, family rooms, pool houses, dens, bedrooms, and


These Magical Pocket Doors Could Be An Ideal Addition To Your Small Spaces

If your home doesn’t have a lot of extra spaces, the whimsy built of pocket doors might be a great option. Coming with a sliding frame and a disappearing effect when completely closed, you don’t require the space for a swinging hinge. This pocket door showcases a contemporary vibe with its chic and industrial design to it. It would be perfect as a room divider between a master bedroom and bathroom. It’s a light and modern addition to your small space. This black framed pocket door was designed by Walking on Wood. It’s gorgeous and aesthetic for studio spaces and modern homes. Pocket doors can be converted to a chic closet like this. It’s a perfect idea if your bedroom doesn’t have enough space to have traditional doors. Although it has a disappearing effect, you can still tell that the pocket door is there depending on the route or style

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Decorative Door Furniture with Excellent Design

No one cannot deny that door is the important element for house furniture. The door that decorate specially with random abstract by using the sculpture hand. This furniture doesn’t use to much decoration, because the sculpture ending it self is enough to make this wooden door looks awesome with the aluminium handle there. The way of door works is not always should pull it out, but you can try to have the modern door by using sliding ideas. This kind of door are in the grey transparent color that provide you the simple way to have the modern door furniture. The sliding door is perfectly fit on your wall decor without annoy others furniture in your living room. Impressive Design for Door Furniture in Modern Look Another sliding door look could be in this one type. This door using the natural wooden without any painting color needed. The sliding door