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Brea Sports Park: Sport Park That Fulfills Community Vision and Encourages Green Practices

LPA was in charge of developing Brea Sports Park in Brea, California. The sports park is a long-standing vision of community leaders that offers recreational facilities for the public while respecting the surrounding environment, specifically the stormwater management.  The sports park consists of ball fields, a concession stand, paved courts, and a community building constructed based on community input. The site was previously owned by a big oil company and still has active wells that produce oil. After going through the community input process for a year, stakeholders decided to make sustainability as their top priority. Thus, green components involve permeable pavers in the main promenade, park management best practices, and fully sub-drained fields. Constructed bioswales take care of stormwater issues. Meanwhile, to hide the existing oil wells, the design team set batting cages as screening elements. Coming with four quadrants, the Brea Sports Park features dedicated youth and adult

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The TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten: An Exciting And Colorful Learning Environment

The TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten was designed by architecture firm KIENTRUC O. Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the kindergarten offers a mesmerizing building design intended for an exciting and colorful learning environment. This kindergarten was constructed upon an existing foundation from the previous building. The architecture team planned on provoking a sense of curiosity for the kids when they interact with the building on a day to day basis. The TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten features the white façade with pops of color that blends well with the colorful geometrically shaped window frames. The colorful theme is also utilized in the interior of the kindergarten. Children can enjoy the colorful atmosphere not only from the outside but also from the inside. In the interior, each floor brings out a selection of different shaped windows. Several windows are coming with an extended windowsill. The windowsill will help prevent the direct

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Skälby School and Preschool: A Trefoil Shaped Building with A Warm and Inspiring Color Scheme

The new Skälby School and Preschool was constructed on a 3145-meter-square area by Max Arkitekter. Situated in Sollentuna, Sweden, the school building introduces a trefoil shaped with a warm and inspiring color scheme. The building separates the outside space into three sections; a schoolyard, a smaller yard for the preschool as well as a fully accessible entrance and car park. With the construction of the new school, the architecture team replaced a smaller school set at the site. The school reflects its identity and character through a warm and inspiring color scheme that is highlighted both on the exterior and the interior part of the building. When you see the colors of the building’s gable and windows, you also can find those colors to be incorporated into the interior. The learning environment is organized to be permissive, stimulating, and collaborative with its arrangement of space and attention to details. Acoustic

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Patrick Heath Public Library: The LEED Gold-Certified Facility That Connects to Nature

Patrick Heath Public Library was developed by LPA Inc, in Boerne, Texas. This LEED Gold-Certified public library is a civic centerpiece that connects to the surrounding nature. Nestled along a creek in Boerne, the 30,000-square-foot building comes with a rainwater harvesting system with large cisterns to preserve water on site. The system also works as a teaching tool for the community. The central themes of this project were actually water conservation and energy efficiency. Hence, the design team came with metal overhangs to offer shade and lessen temperature gains on the tall windows. Patrick Heath Public Library is the community’s only library that makes the most of the park-like setting on the creek, making a strong connection to nature. The design team also made sure to reflect native materials through the usage of metal, limestone, and glass for the exterior. For pivot walls, they utilized reclaimed regional Longleaf Pine while

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Edwards Lifesciences Starr Atrium and Campus: An Industry-Leading Medical Device Maker in California

LPA Inc. was appointed to renovate Edwards Lifesciences Starr Atrium and Campus in Irvine, California. It’s an industry-leading medical device maker that has attained the LEED Platinum. The 22,000-square-foot Starr Atrium creates a connection between two existing office buildings, providing a dramatic new entry to the corporate headquarters. The atrium functions as a collaborative space, gathering point, and social area for the staff. It is also functioned as a venue for hosting events, such as company meetings and product launches. The atrium is a large flexible space that helps to showcase the company’s image and values. Furniture clusters are arrayed across the space to bring the space to life as well as to create different spaces for people to collaborate and work. On one side of the hall, there are stadium stairs that offer a casual set up for solo work time or meetings. It comes with red cushions on

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Manchester Engineering Campus Development: A Landmark To Celebrate Engineering In Manchester

The Engineering Campus Development of the University of Manchester (MECD) is still under development by Mecanoo in Manchester, England. Once finished, the campus building will be a landmark to celebrate engineering within the world’s first modern city. The building is intended for the new home to the University’s four engineering schools as well as two research institutes from the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.   This 70,590-meter-square building presents interactive learning environments that consist of versatile labs and bespoke project spaces with cutting-edge technologies to encourage creativity, collaboration, and innovation on a totally new scale. The Manchester Engineering Campus Development will emphasize the accessibility and visibility to the activities in engineering and the applied sciences, providing a stronger engagement with local schools, industry, and the wider public in general. The building design will showcase a strong identity that highlights the city’s past, present, and future as a city of

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Schierker Feuerstein Arena: A Historic and Listed Ice Stadium At the foot of the Harz Mountains

Schierker Feuerstein Arena is a historic ice stadium located at the foot of the Harz Mountains in the Schierke district, Wernigerode, Germany. It underwent some renovation conducted by GRAFT that finished the project in 2017. The formerly natural ice stadium was renovated to a multi-functional arena where cultural and sports events can be held regardless of the weather conditions. The existing natural stone terraces and listed wooden referee tower were maintained in the new design, while administrations, sanitary facilities, changing rooms, gastronomy, and technical services were set in two functional buildings that complete the arena. Included in the design plan, there’s a roof structure which is anchored in two points in order to protect the space from sunlight, rain, and snow as well as to reveal the view of the surrounding mountains and the sky. The roof has that natural lightness and elegance that blends into the landscape. Its structure

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Fontys School of Sport Studies: An Important Link of Sport Facility Network in Eindhoven

Mecanoo Architecten was responsible for developing the Fontys School of Sport Studies in Genneper Parken, Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The building itself is considered as an important link of Sports Facility Network in the area. At least 2200 students and teachers come to the school on a day to day basis to use its advanced and professional sports facilities. This building has become the new meeting place in the Fonty School, bringing together three courses of higher education located in Tilburg and Sittard. Instead of a traditional closed hall, the architecture team went with an open, social building as the design plan for this 200-hectare sports park. The design ultimately encourages a sense of liveliness. The majority of the sports halls are situated on the first floor inside a sculptural brick roof that seems to hover above the transparent glass base. The design provides an open ground floor that coexists with

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Kangan Batman Institute: A Dedicated Training and Showcase Facility for Australia’s Automotive Trades and Manufacturing

Lyons was appointed to develop the new Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE) as a part of Kangan Batman Institute major campuses. Located in Docklands, Melbourne, the building was developed to provide a dedicated training and showcase facility for automotive trades and manufacturing in Australia. The project was started in 2006 and built on a 5,000-square-meter lot. The building houses specialist workrooms, workshop spaces, office accommodation, and classrooms. The designing team wanted to create an appropriate civic scale. However, a particular strategy was needed in order to not disturb the surrounding commercial urbanscape. To come up with the right strategy, Lyons paid attention to the history of Docklands to find out a gesture that would allow the building to standout around its high rise neighborhood. Through history, they found the ‘big shed’ as seen in the adjacent railway sheds. The roof is a simple yet large gable that connects ACE to

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7 Inspiring And Unique Architecture School Buildings From Around The Globe

Architecture school buildings are actually not your typical academic buildings. There are a lot of requirements to fulfill in order to make an accommodating architecture school building. At least the building should come with space for resources like a workshop or digital workrooms that are flexible to use by the students or faculty members when needed. Then what the already existing architecture school buildings from around the world look like? Here we’ve gathered some unique and inspiring architecture school buildings you may be interested in. Let’s check them out! Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne Melbourne School of Design is an architecture school at the University of Melbourne. The building was constructed by NADAAA in collaboration with John Wardle Architects. The overall project for the Melbourne School of Design was finished in 2014. School of Architecture, The Royal Institute of Technology This architecture school is a part of the