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Convert Your Double Sided Fireplace Into An Outstanding Room Divider

A double sided fireplace is very versatile as it can be installed anywhere in a home. Many designers and architects alike choose to give such fireplace a more important role by placing it centrally. Aside from being able to distribute the heat efficiently, it’s also ideal as a room divider. Let’s see how a double sided fireplace works as a room divider! Nicolas Tye Architects designed this double sided fireplace as a room divider in Knutsfor House. It has a clean look of stacked stone complete with a stand-alone column that acts as a floor to ceiling log holder. Snook Architects installed a void on the side of the fireplace. The vertical void functions as wood storage but it’s also great for room divider just as you can see from this picture. This Estudio Galera design showcases asymmetry look by establishing two distinctive cubes; one for the fire and another


9 Ways To Update Your Fireplace Look With These Beautiful Tiles

Don’t let your fireplace to look just the same as when you have it since day 1. You can actually makeover the look and make it as an attractive focal point in your living place. Fortunately, there are many ways to clad your fireplace, such as with wood, brick stone, or other materials. But let’s just focus on a traditional method, that is tiled fireplace. Let’s see how these tiled fireplace ideas work! Patterned Tiles For Attractive Fireplace If you choose patterned tiles to clad your fireplace, the most used idea is geometric tiles either in grey and white, blue or white, and traditional black and white. Such pattern will create a bold look with a contrasting color palette. This bold geometric black and white mosaic tiles will turn your fireplace into a bold statement. Do you have a fireplace in your electric style living room? This tiled fireplace idea

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Gorgeous Look for Fireplace Ideas

The world design is not always about modernity even always changing, but the good point is when you live in modernity, you can stay with old style. The same with the house design, mixing for both modern and old is the best way to give the beautiful result. The special space for fireplace only designed with vintage look by the bricks and the plain black fireplace with fence there to protect. There are so many style for putting fireplace. It could inside the house or outside the house. Usually, it because of the owner design plan house. The thing is we have to give the right and suitable way to put fireplace. The outside house is challenging to do by giving the high wall there to protect fireplace from the weather and wind. It has to be strong wall and perfect cover to protect fireplace outdoor. Fireplace identically associated with