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Wood as The Decoration for Recent Coastal Cabin Architecture

Cabin with the custom home design that made specially to get easily blend with the surroundings. At the picture above, the house is constructed by Asante Architecture & Design and located along the coast of Norway. Take a look into the interior house, coming from the bath space using the single large window that directly show the awesome view of the coast with its nature look. The presence of using white walls ceilings tiles and navy tiles floor makes the living space so stunning. The bathtub and single desk built in are the best combination for this bathroom interior. House that using the dark wooden exterior is applied the Scandinavian design with some coastal touches. At the picture above, the roof is covered by sedum grass, making it blend further into the landscape around. The architect using Japanese technique of burned wood for the facade for weather treated which needs

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Unusual Look Architecture for Hill House with Minimalist Interior

Nature ideas always win for applied into the housing architecture. This time, this house is located in Big Sur, California and created by Carver and Schicketans. Here, the interior coming with the stylish look by using the smooth current type of stone flooring in creamy color. the single tree wood wood cut that functioning as the pole enrich the decoration interior with natural look there. The open glass wall perfectly connect the inside with the outside view. This house perfectly mixing the nature material to build the house. There, we could see that the house are made by the wooden and stone as the main material. The wooden was applied for the wall and roof design. while, the stone are applied for exterior needs for wall outdoor. By having this beautiful landscape, the wooden and stone design are perfectly suitable for this hill house style. Unique Look for Hill Architecture

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The Fresh Look for Via Sauvagia Modern Architecture with Earthy Colored

The unique architecture mostly applied for the house that has the particular function. This time, the house that specially made to disconnect from the busy cities to find a peace and enjoy the nature directly from the house place. As you can see above, the interior house architecture applied the white color with the sliding wardrobe on the fresh brown color laminate wooden floor. There, the bedroom using mostly in gray color for the rug, nightstand and the bed cover. This kind of kitchen using the wood as the material for the whole part such as countertop, backsplash and the floor. At the other side, we have the open glass transparent wall to let the sun light come into the living space. there, the roof for kitchen space using the spot light while there are some white stools complete the kitchen furniture. When your house decorate with the open windows

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Tea House Interior Ideas with Exciting Architecture Design

This time, the unique architectural house applied the grey abstract interior that designed by Archi-Union Architect located in Shanghai on three thousand two hundred square feet. There, the inside is decorated with natural gray wooden for stairs, walls, ceiling and many more. This place give the nature sense inside the house. As you can see at the picture above, the interior still applied the gray color with the dark tone furniture. There, the single armchair using black color with the geometric random shape of ceiling decoration and several white spot light on the roof. The large square picture lean on the wall are suitable with the gray fur rug there. Lovely Tea House Architecture for Modern Design The theme of this house is divided into three parts with the different side and view. Eco greenery still as the winner ideas for connect this house with nature and working as part

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Attractive Look for Malbaie V House with Dramatic Architecture Ideas

This house striking by MU Architecture that close to the river. The exciting way to look at this house is because using the strict geometrical cubes while the wood use for outdoor with amazing shade. As you can see there, the house maximize the use of windows without curtain almost all part of the wall house. by this way, the attractive view of natural outdoor could be enjoy from the inside. Mostly, all part of this house architecture are made from wood as the material and designed geometrically in cubes shape. This house, applied the rooftop garden that could let you have the greenery upside there. The using of small pebbles here helping your living house are safe without getting slippery, muddy and clean at the same time. The garden are set on the eco rooftop with the amazing view from up there. This kind of house are designed without

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Lucas Takaoka Designs The Nohara Terrace For The Casacor SP 2019 Exhibition

Lucas Takaoka was invited to handle the design of the Nohara Terrace, an outdoor space at the Jockey Clube de Sao Paulo in Brazil. The Nohara Terrace is an outdoor living space for the Casacor SP 2019. The main idea of the project was to establish a space that is not only clean and minimal but also relaxing and peaceful for the visitors. The provided area for the development was 215 square feet and it comes with a wooden structure made from Brazilian pinus and features wall coverings as well as concrete flooring. In a nutshell, the structure creates a pleasant contrast of cold and warm textures. The terrace is separated into three areas. The first is the toilet area hidden behind doors, the second area is a small waiting lounge, and the last one is a counter for washing hands set in the middle. The counter has a built-in

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Blossom Pavilion: A Cooperative Spatial Device Showcasing Rockery Sculptures in Shanghai

Blossom Pavilion is one of the spatial art pieces projects of Shanghai Urban Space Art Season 2015 1+1 (artist + architect) at West Huaihai Road, Shanghai, China. Designed by Atelier Deshaus with artist Zhang Wang, Blossom Pavilion is a cooperative spatial device built on a 96-meter-square area. This spatial art was completed in 2015. Zhang Wang designed rockery sculptures made of stainless steel. He left a thin, flat, and polished stainless steel piece on the natural ground or other texture then thoroughly cast the texture on stainless steel through the soft packaged hammer. In such a way, an industrial material is left with nature information as well as artificial, representing a particular material behavior in return. Human being’s most primitive spatial construction form is coverage and supporting which could shelter one from extreme weather conditions. With this evolution of mankind construction, the principle tends to be more scientific and rational

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Mekel Park: An Eye-Catching Park In The Busy Mekel Road

Mecanoo developed an eye-catching park in the busy Mekel Road, Delft, the Netherlands. Named Mekel Park, it is situated centrally between the campus of the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and the Mekel Road. The park bridges different faculties of the university and in the process, it reflects the interdisciplinary of the university. Lending a grandeur to the TU Delft, Mekel Park offers enjoyable meeting space for the international community of students and teachers. It forms a corridor for cyclists, pedestrians, skaters, and public transport along with a carefully crafted network of paths. There are three stops for trams and buses located on the edge of an esplanade known as the Nieuwe Delft. It zigzags the length of the park. The park comes with the bluestone edge which is used as an extended bench that disperses for one kilometer. There’s also a pavement of mixed cleft granite cobblestones that

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A Multi-Level Yard in A San Francisco Home For Entertaining Designed by Seed Studio

A multi-level yard developed for the entertaining purpose was recently finished by landscape design firm Seed Studio. This small-sized yard is a new addition to a home situated in San Francisco, California. The first level of the yard can be accessed by the existing stairs. This yard is dedicated to the Manta Ray fire bowl which is designed by Fire Pit Art. As the gravel material, the design team utilized Pami pebbles which are known as the mixture of rounded pebbles. The pebbles offer a natural space for the wood stumps to sit on and the edge of the next level can be functioned as additional seating. To move to the highest level of this yard, you can use pavers, which are also surrounded by pebbles, and stairs. Varying plants were added to the garden, such as succulents that work with the rocky soul, a vegetable garden for homemade meals,

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Wyndham Garden Phu Quoc: A Series of Modern Homes with Expansive Hanging Gardens

Wyndham Garden Phu Quoc is a residential and landscape project finished by MIA Design Studio. Located in Vietnam, this collection of modern homes in the country features expansive hanging gardens that provide more privacy for the inhabitants. To access each home, there are small covered walkways. Through the walkways, you can get a glimpse of the lush gardens. Once inside, the gardens will look more prominent with lush green plants. The design for these expansive hanging gardens was inspired by the courtyards usually seen in traditional Vietnamese homes. Meanwhile, each lodge has a central swimming pool. And most of all, the swimming pool area is surrounded by a lot of lush plants. The plants are hanging from the rooftop flowing down to the sides of the home. They create greenery curtain in a whimsical atmosphere. Every house features a living room with a dining and kitchen area in an open