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Pacific Dental Services: A Single-Story Office Complex with Urban Village Design

The new headquarters of Pacific Dental Services (PDS) was designed by LPA Inc in Irvine, California. This headquarters links a huge on-site staff that is stretched across 82,000 square feet of a single-level office complex. The design was inspired by an ‘urban village’ that integrated internal boulevards, parks, and neighborhoods, maximizing communication, circulation, and organization in the process. The staff of Pacific Dental Services conducts remote administrative tasks for over 630 U.S dental offices and plans on adding other 80 supported dentists’ practices per year. That enormous growth plan along with evolved staffing requirements and advanced technologies encouraged PDS to establish a new facility that could accommodate immediate and future needs. Regardless of these plans, all project goals mainly focused on flexibility and comfort. Henceforth, the project laid a fresh direction for how the office works both internally and with clients. The architecture team utilized progressive office concepts, including open

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Floodplain Architecture with Mesmerizing Look Design

The recent issue about disaster is in the air. The house with the floodplain architecture located in Sag Harbor NY, USA is the Northwest Harbor House. This kind of house architecture coming with the design that would protect your place from the straddles a tidal estuary and freshwater wetlands on a land that has the average about six ft above the sea level. This house architecture coming from Bates Masi and friends. They create the house architecture that relate to the environmentally focuses on the local zoning restrictions. The house that designed specially with innovative to support natural daylight and circulating air system. The use of pilings as an integral part of housing design program that applied for all parts. Here, the architects provide the stunning look for interior. There, the wooden are use for both roof and floor. They use the natural earthy colors such as grey, brown and

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Carlanderska Hospital: The Cozy Pampering Facility That Respects The Original Building’s Landmark

Carlenderska Hospital in Göteborg, Sweden, has been serving public and private patients in the healthcare department since 1927. However, over the course of years, the hospital required revamping and in 2017 the honor went to White Arkitekter. Despite a number of modifications, the cozy and pampering facility is able to maintain its charms by respecting the original plans and the existing hospital park. Through the project, the hospital has a building extension mainly houses technology-intensive functions like e-ray, surgery, and sterilization. In addition, the project added new entrances, a restaurant, and staff facilities. The new design of Carlenderska Hospital echoes the original plans, respecting the landmark building’s infamous atmosphere and expression while displaying its unique character. The architecture team used the same types of materials as the original building for the extension; a copper roof and red brick. As such, the materials were able to unify the new and old

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Child Psychiatry Hospitalization Building: A Simple and Sober Medical Facility in in Bures-sur-Yvette

In 2015, a+ samueldelmas had finished constructing a 12-bed healthcare facility in Domaine du Grand-Mesnil, Bures-sur-Yvette, France. Known as Child Psychiatry Hospitalization, the building stands on a 1428-meter-square lot and it consists of 12 beds. The idea of this project was to bring out a simple and sober building relevant to its direct context. At the same time, the design team also wanted to develop logic and ‘therapeutic’ architecture. With that being the case, the Child Psychiatry Hospitalization was constructed as a ‘therapeutic support’. The building offers protection and moment of silence as well as security. Not only that, but it is also intended to respond to the varying needs of its patients. There’s no particular distinction between day time zones and night time zones. Instead, it allows free but secure maneuvering in an ‘enlarged’ living area. The ‘enlarged’ living area includes a living room, dining room, lounge, court, and

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Puncture Medical Center: An Ultra-Compact Puncture Center Showcasing The Simplest Square Plan

The Puncture Medical Center is a healthcare facility located in 9600 Ronse, Belgium. Built on 200-meter-square area, this building was constructed by Delmulle Delmulle Architecten and finished this year. The Puncture Medical Center is an ultra-compact puncture center featuring the simplest square plan. It has a distinctive form that makes the building stand out from other structures in the neighborhood. The aim of the project was to create a building with as much compactness as possible, hence the simple and compact building design. The compact form that is extensively insulated offers more than a contemporary energy balance. The building houses four doctor’s cabinets, sanitary cells, a waiting room, and a multipurpose meeting room. There are large windows to optimize the building’s openness and light. To shield views into the healthcare center from the street, a double façade filter was installed on the street side. The slightly slanted vertical wooden structure

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Children’s Daytime Oncology and Hematology Centre at Vall d’Hebron University Hospital By Toormix Studio

The Children’s Daytime Oncology and Hematology Center is located at Vall d’Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona, Spain. It is a cheerful visual children’s hospital designed by Barcelona-based graphic design studio Toormix Studio that finished the project in 2015. Named as ‘Parc d’Atencions’ (Care Park) project,  the design team wanted to create a welcoming environment for patients and the medical crew. With the purpose of the project in mind, Toormix worked with architecture studio Plasencia Arquitectura decided to split the daytime center into three sections; a waiting room, medical consultation area, and treatment area. Not only that, each space is given a specific name based on their respective décor inspiration; the Natural Environment, the Universe, and the Racing Circuit. The design team also incorporated cartoon-like decorations styled based on the theme in each space in order to create a sense of perspective and flow. The décor for the waiting room which

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The Desmond Tutu: A Bold-Designed Clinic in Cape Town

TheMAAK has been appointed by the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation (DTHF) to build its newest clinic located within the low income area of Masiphumele, Cape Town, South Africa. The new project is to create an intervention to its existing clinic facility, offering increased space for the medical work to carry out. Concerning the social issues of the South African region as the main focus, the design tries to form a welcoming and striking architectural vision that creates a balance between subtle and bold. The facility comes with the saw-tooth roofline designed by the social architects to let the light in and to create an eye-catching exterior. For the main façade in the north, the architecture team used aluminum fins that intend to offer a proud entrance for the DTHF staff. When viewed from the side, the fins compound looks like a solid structure, but it appears to move apart upon