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The PURO Hotel’s Interior Combines Contemporary Simplicity and Vintage Finesse

PURO hotel chain collaborated together with London-based studio DeSallesFlint in designing the interior of the PURO’s newest property in Warsaw, Poland. The Warsaw’s branch has 148 rooms and the interiors echo a sense of contemporary simplicity in addition to vintage finesse. Warsaw’s PURO Hotel incorporates a number of gathering spaces. The gathering spaces include a bar and a lounge with modest decorative lighting hanging on the ceiling. Move to the hotel’s Magari restaurant, the design team included furnishings like banquette seating, long communal wood tables, and booths. These furnishings are able to create a more rustic dining atmosphere for the diners. The rooftop Loreta cocktail bar evokes a tropical appearance with wood flooring, leaf-print upholstery, and plants. The hotel’s business room comes with a large conference table completed with leather chairs. Behind a frosted door and window, there’s a more private space provided for small meetings and phone calls. Specifically,

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Heirloom Ambleside: A Modern, Casual Restaurant Reflecting The Mountainside And Coastal Setting

Heirloom Ambleside is a modern fast casual restaurant located close to the beach in Vancouver, Canada. Its interior was designed by Evoke International Design Inc and reflects the mountainside and coastal setting. The main idea of this project was to create an interior that is flexible and would accommodate a dawn-till-late casual dining concept. The casual dining concept also comes with a juice bar, café, and a full-sized kitchen. Thanks to the restaurant’s corner location, the designing team was able to make the most of the tall street front windows. They realized the idea by adding bar seating along them, offering diners with views of the street as they enjoy their foods and drinks. To emphasize the mountainside and coastal setting, tones of forest green and marine blue were integrated into the interior design. You can see these color schemes through the restaurant’s millwork, tile finishes, the upholstery, and loose

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The Dessert KITCHEN: A Café with An Eye-Catching Façade

Towodesign was completed a new café called the Dessert KITCHEN in an underground mall in Chengdu, China. The café comes with an eye-catching façade and an outdoor dining space that is designed to look like a slice of cheese. The inspiration behind this café is the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The design team wanted to craft a journey of imagination for the customers while at the same time drawing people attention to the café. Hence, they incorporated a bright yellow cheese slice that looks enticing and draws the customers in to travel through the slice into the café. Moreover, the design of the cheese slice offers an extra seating area outside. Inside, the design team created dessert heaven with a church-like interior structure to evoke a sense of ‘ritualism’. Elements of towering domes of churches were utilized to the ceiling that consists of few vaults. The fin helps

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The Shimao Longyin Leisure Center: A Leisure Center With A Contemporary Interpretation of Suzhou’s Traditional Architecture

The Shanghai-based studio Lacime Architects was responsible for developing Shimao Longyin Leisure Center. This leisure center is situated within the Suzhou Industrial Park, a modern industrial township built in collaboration between China and Singapore to support international cooperation and new ways of living. The layout based around a series of classical Chinese gardens to forge serene outdoor circulation areas. Also, the design team developed the leisure center as a contemporary interpretation of Suzhou’s traditional architecture. To introduce elements that represent the region’s rich heritage of classical Chinese garden design, Lacime Architects worked with landscaping firm Landao International Design. The inner space of the leisure center blended together with the landscape using asymmetrical spatial mode. This strategy helps to create a traditional spatial pattern in the Suzhou Garden Style. Most of the site for the leisure center is dedicated to landscaping and the production of a carefully designed walking route that

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Hengxu International Hotel & Complex: Creating A Complex Echoing The Landscape of Yibin City

Hengxu International Hotel & Complex designed by Yushe Design is located in Lingang Economic and Technological Development Zone in Yibin City, Sichuan Province. Constructed on 122,550-square-meter area, the complex wanted to resemble the ‘faraway mountains and nearby water’ around the area, echoing Yibin’s identity as Shan-Shui city known by its mountainous terrain and the first city on Yangtze River. The building makes a great and dynamic addition to the city. The complex comprises 22 stories and 384 guest rooms. The main towers are functioned as a five-star hotel with unique sculptural form interpreted from Chinese traditional culture of ‘Shan-Shui’ meaning high mountain and flowing water. For the commercial complex and villa areas, those are layered in sinuous organic forms based on the native natural shape of rock and mountain. The form of the main tower resembles the Chinese ideograph “山” (‘Shan’ in pinyin) which means mountain. There’s the glass curtain

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SAM SAM: A Unique Small Restaurant Inspired by Retro Style And Korean Public Baths

ARKIM, an architecture and interior design firm, was appointed to design a small restaurant called SAM SAM. Situated in Melbourne, Australia, the restaurant adopts a unique design inspired by Retro 60’s style and Korean public baths. Not only incorporating Korean public bath vibe in it, but the restaurant also serves menus usually found in Korean dining places, Korean chicken and beer. To realize such design, the design team came with a contemporary interior using tiles, lighting features, and tiered seating. Combined together, these three cores of the interior design can create a distinctive restaurant interior that is cozy and fun to sit around together. SAM SAM adopts casual and fun Korean dining concept, hence the design interior needed to be adjusted to the concept. Fortunately, adjusting the design into the concept wasn’t impossible for ARKIM and they succeeded to bring in such a unique restaurant design. Through the designing process,

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Wyndham Garden Phu Quoc: A Series of Modern Homes with Expansive Hanging Gardens

Wyndham Garden Phu Quoc is a residential and landscape project finished by MIA Design Studio. Located in Vietnam, this collection of modern homes in the country features expansive hanging gardens that provide more privacy for the inhabitants. To access each home, there are small covered walkways. Through the walkways, you can get a glimpse of the lush gardens. Once inside, the gardens will look more prominent with lush green plants. The design for these expansive hanging gardens was inspired by the courtyards usually seen in traditional Vietnamese homes. Meanwhile, each lodge has a central swimming pool. And most of all, the swimming pool area is surrounded by a lot of lush plants. The plants are hanging from the rooftop flowing down to the sides of the home. They create greenery curtain in a whimsical atmosphere. Every house features a living room with a dining and kitchen area in an open

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The Serpentine Coffee House: A Modern Sculptural Coffee House With An Immersive Architectural Resting

The Serpentine Coffee House is a coffee house located between the Serpentine Galleries, London England. It was the work of architectural and design firm Mizzi Studio in collaboration with artisan Italian café operators, Collicci. This project was recently finished and has been attracting many people with its unique architectural design. The coffee house offers the views across the Serpentine Lake and the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. It blends well with the green trees that surround it and in general with the overall area. The Serpentine Coffee House is a modern sculptural coffee house with an immersive architectural design. It is also a perfect refreshment and contemplation point for the customers. One of the most interesting points from this coffee house is the design of its roof. Apparently, the roof design was inspired by a stingray’s flight through the water. Not only the roof, but the concept of the coffee house

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Levantine Hill Estate: A Winery Restaurant with Distinctive Wood-Lined Barrel Booths

Molecule Studio was appointed to decorate the interior of the Levantine Hill Estate. Located in the Yarra Valley wine region, Australia, the design team added a distinctive and unique element to the restaurant; that is a series of wood-lined barrel booth. While the interior was done by Molecule Studio, the overall building was constructed by Fender Katsalidis Architects. It houses a wine tasting area, a casual dining room,  a formal dining room, and a private room. When it comes to the new unique addition, Molecule Studio opted for positioning the timber lined barrel booths along one of the walls of windows. The position offers a semi-private dining experience for the customers. The booth design resembles the wine barrels used within the winery. The layout is more open for the casual dining area. The design team went with solid wood tables coupled with leather seating. Track light system is seen in

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The Ayana Komodo Resort: The First Five Star Resort on Flores Island

The Ayana Komodo Resort was developed by WATG Pioneers in Waecicu Beach, Flores Island, Indonesia. This is the first ever five-star resort on the Flores Island and built on a 1.4-hectare site. The resort comprises 192 guestrooms, 13 suites and a spa sized 420 m2. Upon entering the Ayana Komodo Resort, guests will arrive at a roof-top lobby area where one of the three cozy hotel bars is located. During night time, the three bars will be invaded by a golden glow from the lighting. The resort comes with mesmerizing marine life and white beaches. Guests also will be able to see the stunning views of the calming Flores Sea. Overall, the resort design will make the visitors feel one with the surrounding nature. The architecture team was inspired by Flores’s rich cultural and ecological landscape, such as the rugged Manggarai Mountain range as well as a wide variety of