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Tasteful Recent House Ideas with Attractive Split Level Architecture

Again, coming with the house that designed by Melbourne-based Techne Architecture + Interior Design. the residence that using the nestling into the slope split house design sees light filled the open spaces rotating off a central dark spine. The bath space of this house designed in large room with the grey and warm-colored wood with the double sink and elongated wooden dresser. The presence of large folded mirror makes this bathroom as the modern package of interior bath house. Let’s take a look into the living room with the breakfast space at the corner. The presence of creamy white rounded sofa, a storage unit, a velvet chair and a glazed framed walls that gives the awesome view from the inside. The dark cushions with the rounded tables on the stunning carpet makes the space looks comfy. The transparent glazed walls always help to keep the living room get an enough

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Slim Fit House Architecture with 4 Meters Square Wide

Coming with the unbelievable project for housing architecture. The house that designed only in the 4 meters wide that it could cover up all of your important house things inside. This time, the house constructed by Ana Rocha Architecture and lies on the Almere Poort, the Netherlands. At the picture above, the wooden staircase designed prolonged with wooden book shelve. There, each stage has the same height with the each step of the staircase. The lower staircase coming with the white fur rug in small size. Don’t think that you will get the worst bedroom in small space because this one coming in different way. As you can see, the wooden interior for ceilings, walls and floor beautify this bed space in natural way. Here, you will get the privacy well kept even some windows decorating the interior. The space accommodate everything that necessary there. The small nightstand looks so

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Design House with Unique Style of Wadi Penthouse with Stunning Architecture

This one of penthouse would be the most unique and unusual penthouse you will ever see. This house was Platau-renovated Wadi penthouse located in Beirut’s Wadi Abu Jamil district. when you see this penthouse, you will not only provided by the spacious look but also the design that full of creativity. Take a look for this wooden line staircase that have both side to connect the floors beautifully. Fabulous Wadi Penthouse Architecture Design Housing Living space interior should be done in beautifully comfort you. There, the large blue sofa with grey light cushions and simple standing TV shelf complete the look for comfortable living room. while, the wall mostly made from wooden as the interior with the lining structure that makes the space looks bigger and wider. The wooden wall that has the single wardrobe built in side with the black holder. Playing with the wood as the material housing

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Namdaemun Tower: A Tower That Sits Elegantly in South Korea’s Oldest and Largest Market

Namdaemun Tower was constructed by Mecanoo Architecten. Located next to the ancient southern gate to the city of Seoul, South Korea, the Namdaemun market where the tower was constructed is considered as the oldest and largest market in the country. Since it began to operate as a government-managed marketplace in 1414, Namdaemun market has become an essential 24-hour destination for trade as well as a popular tourist attraction. Based on the market’s history and regional cultures, the architecture team was inspired to design a contemporary office building that connects the past and present. Therefore, they maximized the land allocation and came with the slim 14-floor building that stands tall and elegantly on a corner plot opposite the market. The restrained monochromatic appearance of the tower functions as a counterbalance to the colorful frenzy of the market’s 24-hour activity. The role of the façade frames extends more than decoration. It creates

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Cabel Industry: Cabel Headquarters Incorporated on Empoli’s Industrial Estate

Cabel Industry is headquarters for Cabel, a company that deals with computer systems for banks.  Located at the edge of Empoli, Province of Florence, Italy, the building was developed by Massimo Mariani. It is incorporated in the local industrial estate and stood approximately 4500 square. The Cabel Industry building is partially set into the ground and is composed of two extended floors out of the ground level and a vault under. Along the main front, the façade is secured by a long strip of public landscaping running parallel to the ground. Visitors can access the building through the ground level where there are three suspended bridges launched on a large excavation. The bridges highlight the vault designed to house exposition and art installations. During night time, the empty space becomes a lighting pool that raises architecture from the ground. On the underground floor, there’s a printing facility and other spaces

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Helicopter Building: A Distinctive Industrial Building At Porte de la Villette

Stephane Maupin and Nicolas Hugon were in charge of constructing Helicopter Building which was completed in 2010. The building is situated Porte de la Villette or an area where the urban fabric merges into heterogeneous industrial infrastructures on the fringe of Paris. It is also surrounded by Paris ring road, social housings, and factories. The inspiration of the building design came from the brutality of this collage in which concrete pillars clashes with raw metal, a mineral and raw atmosphere, and gravels collides with train sounds. The Helicopter Building is a concrete made from a simple 22m high extrusion of the triangular zone existed on the site. Meanwhile, the triangular zone of intervention has existed on the site and releases naturally from the constraints. The building has workshops intended for the maintenance of the Parisian subway transportation systems. Prior to the building, the systems scattered around different places, but now

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Kangan Batman Institute: A Dedicated Training and Showcase Facility for Australia’s Automotive Trades and Manufacturing

Lyons was appointed to develop the new Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE) as a part of Kangan Batman Institute major campuses. Located in Docklands, Melbourne, the building was developed to provide a dedicated training and showcase facility for automotive trades and manufacturing in Australia. The project was started in 2006 and built on a 5,000-square-meter lot. The building houses specialist workrooms, workshop spaces, office accommodation, and classrooms. The designing team wanted to create an appropriate civic scale. However, a particular strategy was needed in order to not disturb the surrounding commercial urbanscape. To come up with the right strategy, Lyons paid attention to the history of Docklands to find out a gesture that would allow the building to standout around its high rise neighborhood. Through history, they found the ‘big shed’ as seen in the adjacent railway sheds. The roof is a simple yet large gable that connects ACE to

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Inotera Headquarters & Production Facility: An Evolving Hub For Creative Intelligence and Advanced Technology

Tec Design Studio was responsible for constructing the Inotera Headquarters & Production Facility in Taipei City, Taiwan. The building was constructed on 26900-m2 area and finished in 2004. The aim of this project is to take advantage of the evolving advanced technology and creative intelligence in the Asia Pacific region. Inotera is there to seize the opportunity by combining these two concepts together and making the human being as the center of all deliberation. The Inotera Headquarters has all glass façade, a typical standard of the office buildings in Taiwan. The glass façade was designed in a way to reinterpret the country’s tradition of tile construction. Technology is explored to highlight environmental aspects and cultural values within a contemporary context. Since there is no iconographic notion for the Gestalt of hi-tech production and engineering facilities, the headquarters building creates its own expression through hundreds of colors and shapes that reflect