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The Subtle Happiness: A Removable Table Lamp That Functions As A Vase

Ben Liu from Shanghai based product design Pushe Design Studio established the Subtle Happiness. It’s actually a removable table lamp that is also functioned as a décor item. It’s functional that it serves as a table lamp as well as a vase at once. Ben stated that the Subtle Happiness is a lamp that combines function and adornment. Its creation is in line with a compact style often found in metropolis living spaces as well as the fact that more homeowners prefer multifunction pieces. The materials used for the Subtle Happiness were aluminum, ash wood, and jade. The lamp has a table top that can be removed when you want to. Once removed, the piece will act only as a vase. On the other hand, the removed table top will act as a base for the light portion of the lamp. The piece will add a wow factor to any


8 Most Unique And Creative Lamp Designs To Bring A Statement To Your Space

With a number of colors, designs, dimensions, lighting abilities, and shapes, lamps can be the most effective methods to alter the lighting tone in any room. Not only that, lamps can make a statement to any room. If that’s what you’re looking for in a lamp, how about looking at these unique and creative lamp designs? The Mushroom Lamp is a feat of technology and it will remind you of the mushrooms in the infamous Mario Bros game from Nintendo. Torn Lighting was designed by Billy May. The lighting will be disguised on your wall while hiding its LED secrets from the eye. It also comes with different shapes and designs that can be used at flat surfaces or wall corners. Inspired by Titanic movie, Charles Trevelyan designed this lamp that also is named after the movie. The lamp is leaning as if it sinks below the table surface. Abyss


Adding Personality To Your Rooms Through These Unique Table Lamp Designs

You can make a statement in any space in the home without making a fuss of everything. A simple table lamp could work for that purpose. This furniture also works to add personality to your spaces. With different colors, shapes, and playful details, you will have plenty of options to make table lamps as a unique statement piece. Sphere + Stem Table Lamp This marble and brass table lamp comes with the glass globe. It looks as if the globe is floating. Fumi Table Lamp Ensemble This lamp displays a curved gold base that will add a little fun to your space. Better yet, it comes with a different color shade. Glass Pineapple Table Lamp This elegant pineapple lamp is a whole package deal you would want in a statement piece; brass, glass, and personality. Pink Rattan Table Lamp Who said rattan only works in beach houses? This rattan lamp

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Charming Lighting Ideas for Housing Interior

If you are typical people who like to play your house with lighting decoration, you can try this one. The lighting is not always light up your space, but it could be as your interior decoration house. Just like this lighting idea, the roof that framed with wooden is designing in particular shape and look based on your taste. Each frame space of your roof using the golden single lighting that would perfectly decorating your space without extra furniture that take the space there. There is always the lighting to brighten up your corridor space in your house. This time, the corridor is using the white color theme living space. while the floor is using the creamy medium brown laminate wooden floor. There,the three pendant lamps with geometric starry shape in while color light are decorating the roof beautifully. Brighten up your living space is not always with the lamps

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Outstanding Brilliant Way to Bring Light On Ideas

Using lamps is not always shape like rounded or oval but it could be shape in wire style. The wire looks like giving more lights on the room. This kind of lighting is adorable because it is functioning as shelf also at once. So, this one is perfect for decorating your plain wall. The recent ideas for lamps wall is brilliant and not mainstream as well. There, you can put on your things such as vase, terrarium and many more. The magnificent design ideas for huge hanging lamps is the homemade dome light sculpture. This type of lamps give the luxurious look at your simple design of living room. The furniture that would makes your decoration become awesome and beautiful in the sight. The color of gold light makes the light shining bright when the light is on. The ideas to show up the light glow in the dark doesn’t