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Villa Beach for Modern Mid-Century Built by Worn Materials

This one coming with the special house that Architecture studio Woods Bagot has been finished the current section of a weathered seaside house that located in Australia. It has been 20 years of making and designed as  the home for Woods Bagot CEO Nik Karalis, the St Andrews Beach Villa began in 1999 as a simple example on Mornington Peninsula. When you see this house interior, you will amaze with the open large windows that made from wooden. This bedroom design to allows you have the unlimited view directly from your bed. Another side of interior house is the kitchen design in clad with warm-colored reclaimed wood then a stone countertop and the dinning set in wooden table with simple metal chairs. This kitchen done with the white countertop and backsplash that covered mostly with wooden just like the walls. The classy design of kitchen interior makes the look of

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Cool Cantilivered House with Mountain Architecture Ideas with Restricted Budget

Here come for UZ Architecture present their current works. it is named as DH House that placed in the difficult access for large construction vehicles. This house located in the center of Taiwan on a mountain that framed by two valleys. Appear with privacy design for offering house that arranged in smart way to highlighted this residence from the outside. This house coming with stylish cantilivered type that build on a mountain feet that specially design for retired couple who restricted budget. This house absolutely applied the minimalist design that using low-tech building design. designed with lightweight metal structure and the joined roof wall exterior suitable for weather situation. When you see this house exterior, you will remain the container look there. The natural landscape allows the architects to create the creative building for some particular aspect purpose. Valley Panoramic View for Mountain House Architecture The architects are following the

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Wonderful Ending Look for Lake House Architecture with Contemporary Design

The residence with the full of light with the large windows is presents by Inlet Residence that working with MW Works Architecture. This time, the living room decorate beautifully with the large wooden book shelves that functioning as the wardrobe. At the other side, the minimalist fireplace complete the single armchair furniture there. The play of the lights would perfectly seen when the light is turn on. Here, the architect using the golden light color for each lighting of this house. In the dark, this house beautifully glow in the middle of the woodlands. By the help of the large windows, the clear and stunning architecture of this lake house perfectly on point. Amazing Architecture with Lake House Ideas Residence When move into the interior part of this house, you will amaze with the minimalist furniture that use here. The kitchen is using the common modern type of cabinet in

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Contemporary Architecture for Mending Wall House with Stylish Design

Awesome house with the wonderful architectural Mending Wall designed by Australian studio BVN Architecture. There are elongated concrete blocks and stone from the Blue Mountains decorating the exterior. While this house is located in the lower landscape than the around is the best way to make this house looks like hill house. This house using the style of cubes that geometrically shape in rectangular. At the picture above, the architect choose the grey abstract color for the brick rocks exterior. While, the other color is wood, greenery and golden color to combine. The golden color coming from the lights interior then the wooden use as the exterior flooring with the green landscape around the house. Cool Design for Modern House Architecture with Mending Wall When you see this house from outside with particular distance, you will get the wonderful view. The house with the classy design brick rocks in the

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Unusual Look Architecture for Hill House with Minimalist Interior

Nature ideas always win for applied into the housing architecture. This time, this house is located in Big Sur, California and created by Carver and Schicketans. Here, the interior coming with the stylish look by using the smooth current type of stone flooring in creamy color. the single tree wood wood cut that functioning as the pole enrich the decoration interior with natural look there. The open glass wall perfectly connect the inside with the outside view. This house perfectly mixing the nature material to build the house. There, we could see that the house are made by the wooden and stone as the main material. The wooden was applied for the wall and roof design. while, the stone are applied for exterior needs for wall outdoor. By having this beautiful landscape, the wooden and stone design are perfectly suitable for this hill house style. Unique Look for Hill Architecture

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Villa MQ with Special Design for Sloping House Architecture

There are wonderful housing architecture with the adorable design. this house has the special and unique architecture located in Tremelo (BE) that surrounded by pines. This house has a certain goals. It is designed specially for a couple with two children. They would perfectly fit on this villa because combining the nature and modernity at the same time. This building has the upnormal height of wall curved exterior with the grey plain color decoration. From the distance sight to see, we could get this building shaped specially with curved exterior that you might think this are office or government building. The landscape is lower than the ground road itself. as you can see at the picture above, the entrance door of the garage applied the tile stone for flooring and the road it self with the small extra canopy. Villa MQ Architecture with Sloping Design Ideas For the inside of

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The Successful Design for Villa F with Futuristic Housing Architecture

This time, we would take you to the amazingly beautiful villa with the futuristic design. the house that located in Rhodes, Greece and designed by Peter Thomas Hornung, Elsa Katharina Jacobi and Jan Escher. They create such the villa with the outdoor pool with the sculptural shape. This kind of villa applied the modern element for interior and exterior even for furniture. At the picture above, you can see that the futuristic element already applied even for the outdoor part. This section, there is a large and hight white staircase with modern design that using the strip tails for each step to make it into the fence as the protector at the same time. There, the staircase appear with roof and the small side of each step and it gives you many step to step on them. Contemporary Architecture for Villa F Housing Design At the other side of the

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The Fresh Look for Via Sauvagia Modern Architecture with Earthy Colored

The unique architecture mostly applied for the house that has the particular function. This time, the house that specially made to disconnect from the busy cities to find a peace and enjoy the nature directly from the house place. As you can see above, the interior house architecture applied the white color with the sliding wardrobe on the fresh brown color laminate wooden floor. There, the bedroom using mostly in gray color for the rug, nightstand and the bed cover. This kind of kitchen using the wood as the material for the whole part such as countertop, backsplash and the floor. At the other side, we have the open glass transparent wall to let the sun light come into the living space. there, the roof for kitchen space using the spot light while there are some white stools complete the kitchen furniture. When your house decorate with the open windows

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Design House with Unique Style of Wadi Penthouse with Stunning Architecture

This one of penthouse would be the most unique and unusual penthouse you will ever see. This house was Platau-renovated Wadi penthouse located in Beirut’s Wadi Abu Jamil district. when you see this penthouse, you will not only provided by the spacious look but also the design that full of creativity. Take a look for this wooden line staircase that have both side to connect the floors beautifully. Fabulous Wadi Penthouse Architecture Design Housing Living space interior should be done in beautifully comfort you. There, the large blue sofa with grey light cushions and simple standing TV shelf complete the look for comfortable living room. while, the wall mostly made from wooden as the interior with the lining structure that makes the space looks bigger and wider. The wooden wall that has the single wardrobe built in side with the black holder. Playing with the wood as the material housing

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Tea House Interior Ideas with Exciting Architecture Design

This time, the unique architectural house applied the grey abstract interior that designed by Archi-Union Architect located in Shanghai on three thousand two hundred square feet. There, the inside is decorated with natural gray wooden for stairs, walls, ceiling and many more. This place give the nature sense inside the house. As you can see at the picture above, the interior still applied the gray color with the dark tone furniture. There, the single armchair using black color with the geometric random shape of ceiling decoration and several white spot light on the roof. The large square picture lean on the wall are suitable with the gray fur rug there. Lovely Tea House Architecture for Modern Design The theme of this house is divided into three parts with the different side and view. Eco greenery still as the winner ideas for connect this house with nature and working as part