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Wonderful 18th-Century in Sprawling House Architecture

Actually, the original stone was built in the mid-1700s and it was abandoned in the mid-1800s. Then, there is the new name for this residence that coming by the designer WT Architecture as The White House. Where this house is located on Scotland’s Isle of Coll and designed especially with care for the interior. In the picture, the narrow space appears with wooden for ceilings, wall, and floor and the floating desk with the single window makes this working space so comfy yet minimalist. There is a space where you can have the books around you. The modern wooden bookshelves with the space seat on in the middle then, you can have a seat there while reading a book and enjoying the nature around through the glazing. On the other side, the monochrome staircase looks suitable with the smooth grey dark stone floor and the transparent glass sliding door there.

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Wondrous Home Extension Architecture with Recent Eye-Catching Design Ideas

This remodels house from the existing modern home with the two-story addition. The named of this residence is the Shou Sugi Ban House where the project is handled by Schwartz and Architecture that inspired by the surrounding sights and textures nature. The black wooden exterior decorating this house in a simple way with the glazing and the extra wooden space in which the architect keeps the tree on there and the design following the tree without touch it. The grey light-colored tile decorating this bath space for the walls and the floor. The built-in deck for putting your things there. The single transparent door has no extra floor at the outside, so you can only open it as your ventilation at the bathroom. Extension House Design for Contemporary Remodel Design In the picture above, the wooden interior plays important things here. The twin door that leads into the different living

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Wonderful Architecture Concrete Casa Brance in Minimalist for Tropics Type

A concrete retreat is the main theme for designing this house inspired by Brazilian modernism. Another name for this house is ‘Casa Branca’ that constructed by Sao-Paulo-based architecture practice Studio MK27. This house coming with a spacious terrace where you can find the swimming pool and the smaller pool on the other side. While the lounge there on the concrete floor beautify this outdoor space in brightness minimalist way. The presence of greenery around the house helps you get a fresh environment there. Take a look for the house interior to appear with the white color theme decoration. the laminate wooden floor looks so beautiful with the use of white color and the wooden desk with the white marble for the surface. The large mirror and the transparent glass windows there coming with the white curtains make this living space so comfy and clear at the same time. Concrete Casa

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Unusual Residence for Jungle House with Rooftop Infinity Pool Architecture

The house that designed by the brilliant ideas architecture coming with the rooftop swimming pool. At you can see at the picture, the house is located in a coastal rainforest in Sao Paulo state and designed by Brazilian office Studio MK27 architecture. The open layout for wooden deck is shaded for kids play area. Then, the presence of large swimming pool complete this terrace in wide space. at this terrace, you will have the spacious wooden deck that using the certain furniture so that the simple design are applied here. This dwelling mostly designed in open layout with the open living space. the living room using the vertical wooden desk for the floor, walls and ceiling in the same direction. The architect designed this house with the open balcony that has the same level ground with the swimming pool. The outdoor dinning set complete this open living space in stunning

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Wonderful House with the Attractive Wood Ceilings Architecture

This time, the Nook Residence offers the virtually blind facade that encourages discovery and piques curiosity. Strategically located in a quiet area of the Eastern Townships in Quebec, Canada. The house that has the windows with the large opening in the white mass and end up beautifully with scenery. At the picture, the bath space is designed in dark colors with the black mosaic tiles for the walls. The wooden dresser with the large elongated sanitary wash looks beautiful with the large mirror and the single windows give the lighting into the space. Take a look into the living room with the open space where the glass windows fully decorate the room. the single small black tube fireplace complete this grey-light sectional sofa with the single dark wooden table there. The wooden light-colored ceilings with some spot light makes this living room looks minimalist with uncluttered spaces. Gorgeous Nook Residence

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Shelter Clad Prefab ARK in Wooden Design House Architecture

Recently, the presence of Prefab houses are trending because of the construction that commonly easy. Another way to say this name house is the ARK shelter which has the simple house extensions with the additional home office in cool design. this mobile prefab home is suitable for any location with the cost-effective. At the picture above, the prefab using the wood as the main material for interior and exterior housing. This house has the special design with the extension  and the windows at the edge of the house part. At the picture above, the large windows covered all the one side of this house for the bedroom with the colored-light wooden interior. This bedroom would absolutely suitable for you who looking for the unlimited view from bed. Prefab Shelter Clad with Modern Wooden Architecture The exterior of this house coming from the clad with dark wood as the material. As

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Unique Look for Cave House in Cordoba Hills with Recent Architecture

When you choose to mixing your house with the cave element, the important thing that you have to use is concrete. The recent house designed specially by UMMO Estudio and located in Cordoba Hills, Spain. Here came as the awesome look for the cave house that have the unique and special design. the cave elements looks so stand out perfectly against the stark white concrete wall and makes the ending look as a bold contrast. The cave element coming with the earthy colors that would blend beautifully as color palette house interior. The interior house also applied for the bedroom decoration. the bed that complete with the canopy and some complementary furniture made the natural wood looks stands right next to the living room in the open layout. The single wooden desk looks blending naturally with the cave element there on the dark grey floor. Modern Architecture for Unusual Cave

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Treehouse with Current Architecture and Pointed Look

House with the stunning tree ideas appear with the name Taringa Treehouse that described by the Phorm Architecture + Design. this treehouse located in the backyard of a property in the Queensland city. The exterior look of this house using the wedge-shaped with two floors with the extra outdoor space. the use of neutral color such as light-colored wood, brown and white colors give the nice look combination there with the greenery environment around the house. Another look for outdoor side of this treehouse, coming with the fully opened glazed walls. The minimalist living room with the dark comfy bean bags on the laminate wooden floor. The single windows give the automatically lighting inside the room. this living space doesn’t need more furniture to decorate the interior. Contemporary Treehouse Architecture in Unique Look This house has the unusual architecture in pointed shaped, the interior of this house follows the design.

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Western Forest House Architecture on a River with Windows and Skylights

House with a stunning exterior constructed by Robert Hutchison Architecture and located outside of Seattle in Greenwater, Washington near MT. Rainier. This residence lies on the 1.900 square feet and sits within a forest right on the banks of the White River. At the picture above, the bedroom using wooden beams, floors, furniture and the narrow horizontal window to give you some privacy. The wooden ceilings, headboard and nightstand makes the bed space looks so comfy when combine with white color. The bathroom appear with the earthy color palette in wooden furniture and interior. There is the frosted glass that functioning as the room dividers between the toilet and shower space. the large wooden dresser with the white tiles walls complete this bathroom interior in minimalist way. The presence of narrow horizontal windows to give the stunning sun lighting inside the living space. Windows and Skylights Architecture in Western House

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Wonderful Sculptured Living House Ideas with Cave-Like Modern Villa

The best place as your holiday retreat is now launch. The awesome place where you can feel the magical experience there about modernity or natural landscape. The dwelling is located in Oia at the remote Greek island of Santorini and specially designed by Kapsimalis Architects. At the picture, the bathroom features with a whumsy free-standing sink on small legs. The presence of single small window give the minimalist view to the outside landscape. The single spot lights makes this living room looks stunning. This time, the bedroom coming with the white color paint decoration interior. The bed furniture, appear with the round bed with the built-in shelves and the enclosed bathroom there. The presence of single windows that directly lead to the bathroom is the good one to makes the living space clearer. The white light that shining to the reflection of white color paint walls give the stunning look.