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Multiple Ways To Use Mirrors: Backsplash And Furniture/Accessories

Not only to create the illusion of large space, but mirrors are also handy to use in any decorative ideas. As closet doors? Walls? We have discussed them before, but now let’s see how mirrors work as backsplash and furniture or accessories. Utilize Mirrors As Backsplash Using mirrors as a kitchen backsplash will be a thing again. Either you have farmhouse style kitchen or minimalist one, mirror backsplashes will spruce the space up.  This antique mirror backsplash is able to lighten up the space and in the process make your bar catchy and mesmerizing. It’s understandable that mirror backsplashes are becoming a thing again since they can be fitted to any cabinet style and color just like this example. Install a mirror backsplash in your vintage kitchen to add more style to the space. Coupled with brass fixtures, you will get a refined look. Your antique mirror tiles can be


These Brilliant Ideas Will Inspire You To Decorate Your Home With Mirrors

In general, mirrors are known to create the illusion of more space and usually incorporated in a narrow space for that matter. But the truth is, mirrors can be functioned more than that. Mirrors can bring balance or contrast to the interior, become design elements, or even make a focal point in your room. It all depends on the proportion and scale you use for the mirrors. Here are view examples you can copy if you want to decorate your home with mirrors. Mirrored Walls If you want to go all out with mirror decoration idea, you can have mirrored walls in your space. The series of mirror will reflect the light, grab attention, and most of all make an extraordinary space. Such style is usually used in small spaces like entryways or bathrooms, but you can explore the idea practically in every space of your home. This geometric mirror

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Proudly Mirror Furniture in Various Eye-Catchy Design

Living up your living space is more important to impress your own works for taking the decoration. The great design of using mirror as your decorating tools is perfectly chosen. The huge mirror wall in simple design would lovely to see right at your entry way in your house. People would love to see their reflection when they first step in your house. The mirror that designed special for welcoming people. The special thing about mirror is you can play to decorate the mirror it self as the furniture to beautify your living space. The mirror is not always clearly to see our reflection in there, but it could be in faded mirror type. This kind of mirror would suitable to put in your bathroom. The faded mirror that match with every kind of your color theme living space. The Special Look for Each Mirror Decoration Always interesting to play

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Various Perfect Look for Sanity Ware Design

Dark Gray color is suitable for the simple bathroom design ideas. The smart decor with the plain look is excellent choice. Here, the upper cabinet at the bathroom is also functioning as the mirror as well. The clear wash place is match with the below cabinet wooden gray color. For additional goods, the wardrobe beside the sanity ware is in the open type and close door type. Adorable Water Look for Sanity Ware The color of blue sea will fit on the wash place for sanity wares. The water color will suitable in the blue sea color, then the stunning look will be there. The simplest way to give the best result is using the small and thin faucet in stainless steel color. This wash place has the particular height that would avoid from the messy water squirt. Facing bathroom is always about the color painting and furniture. The good