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Spacious Look for One-Storied House with Current Architecture Design

This house is called as the V4 house that located in Sao Paolo, Brazil and created beautifully by MK27 studio. The house decorated with one-storied board and there is a large concrete roof at the upside. Mostly, this house designed with an open way for the living space and the dinning room. While, the rest is inside this house in closed way. For the bathroom, we have the light brown laminated wooden floor with the grey walls and abstract picture to decorate. While at the other side, there is an open glass wall that could let you get the closed small garden there with the stone brick walls. Don’t worry if this windows doesn’t have the curtain, because the small garden is designed privately for you to enjoy the view. House Architecture with Contemporary Spacious Look This time, an open contemporary living room appear with the fresh look. There are

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Patrick Heath Public Library: The LEED Gold-Certified Facility That Connects to Nature

Patrick Heath Public Library was developed by LPA Inc, in Boerne, Texas. This LEED Gold-Certified public library is a civic centerpiece that connects to the surrounding nature. Nestled along a creek in Boerne, the 30,000-square-foot building comes with a rainwater harvesting system with large cisterns to preserve water on site. The system also works as a teaching tool for the community. The central themes of this project were actually water conservation and energy efficiency. Hence, the design team came with metal overhangs to offer shade and lessen temperature gains on the tall windows. Patrick Heath Public Library is the community’s only library that makes the most of the park-like setting on the creek, making a strong connection to nature. The design team also made sure to reflect native materials through the usage of metal, limestone, and glass for the exterior. For pivot walls, they utilized reclaimed regional Longleaf Pine while

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West Hollywood Automated Parking Garage: A Modern Parking Garage Combining Community Art, Technology, and Energy Efficiency

The West Hollywood Automated Parking Garage was built by LPA, Inc in West Hollywood, California. This is a modern parking garage that blends community art together with technology and energy efficiency. Consisted of 5 stories, the parking garage has been considered as a ‘clean, green, parking machine’. The garage tripled the amount of on-site parking spaces but at the same time, it creates a model for a sustainable and energy-efficient facility. The garage can move 100 cars per hour and it costs around $1 million less than a conventional garage to build. It adopts an Automated Vehicle Storage and Retrieval System (AVSRS) which was designed by engineering firm Unitronics. With such system, the garage’s footprint on the half-acre site can be reduced as much as 40%, making a space for a 7,000-square-foot community plaza. The plaza comes in handy for events and concerts that will be held in the area.

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Long Museum West Bund: A Modern Museum Incorporating ‘Vault-Umbrella’ Concept

Designed by Atelier Deshaus, Long Museum West Bund is situated at the bank of Huangpu River, Xuhui District, Shanghai. Previously, the site was utilized as the wharf for coal transportation. This modern museum was transformed to add more structure using ‘vault-umbrella’ concept. With the transformation, the building now has the cantilever structure incorporating the ‘vault-umbrella’ with independent walls. The building’s shear walls come with a free layout and included into the original basement to be integrated with the original framework structure. The sheer walls are seen on the first underground floor. The walls had a deal to transform the formerly parking area into an exhibition space with the overground space emphasizing multiple orientations due to its connection of the ‘vault-umbrella’ at different directions. Not only that, the electrical and mechanical system also has been incorporated into the ‘vault-umbrella’ structure. Since the overground space is cocooned by the ‘vault-umbrella’, the space’s

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The Environmental Nature Center: Providing Environmental Education Through Hands-On Experience

The Environmental Nature Center (ENC) is the 9,000-square-foot interpretive center located in Newport Beach, Orange County, California. It is considered as the first LEED Platinum Building in the area designed by LPA Inc. The design of this building is aligned with the non-profit’s mission to give environmental education through hands-on experience. The nonprofit that is managing the Environmental Nature Center wanted a new home where they are allowed to enhance community appreciation and knowledge of nature. With that in mind, this new building was built and exists to educate and inspire visitors by introducing green strategies based on sustainable practice, environmental education, and ecological responsibility. The first thing the designing team did in the project was to site the building in a north-south orientation to control solar heat gain glare. In addition, LPA’s engineers created the space for natural ventilation in hopes to reduce HVAC costs. Ocean breezes through the

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The Gallery of Multipurpose and Civil Protection Centre of Norcia Designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti

Stefano Boeri Architetti was responsible for designing the Multipurpose Civil Protection Centre in Norcia. Located in Perusa, Italy, the protection center is a part of a large project for the economic and cultural development in the Norcia area. The project was funded through a campaign promoted by the Corriere della Sera and TG La7. Stand on a 450-square-meter site, the building is designed as a space for civil protection and to ensure that the City of Norcia is a safe place for the inhabitants to gather during emergency situations, such as earthquake. It only took more than three months to finish the project before handed over to the residents in late June 2017. To date, the building is used as a multifunctional center for the Town Council and local associations to support their activities. It consists of two multipurpose halls divided by a central service block. The design team wanted

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Violet Bliss: A Boutique Hotel Suite Representing The Mixture of Masculine and Feminine

Violet Bliss is a recently finished project by Nayra Iglesias from architecture and interior design firm In Out Studio. Violet Bliss is a new hotel room concept that recently showcased at the MARBELLA DESIGN 2019 edition. The color violet was selected to dominate the space as the color is the mixture of masculine with the feminine (red and blue) as well as the combination of sensuality and spirituality. The 30-meter-square suite comprises two spaces; the bedroom and the bathroom. The bedroom has a backlit headboard, textured walls, and LACE-X bedside tables. Meanwhile, the bedroom and bathroom are separated with delicate glass and metal lattices from Veganox and Secrisa. This mosaic vanity designed by Hisbalit is set below aluminum mirrors that are backlit to offer a soft glow while at the same time highlighting the textured wall. On another side, a painting by Miguel Angel Cardenal de Saisho is being displayed

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G-Rough: A Transformation of A Historic Family Home to A Contemporary Boutique Hotel

Gabriele Salini decided to transform his family home into a boutique hotel named G-Rough. Located in the heart of Rome, Italy, G-Rough was previously a historic property which was Salini’s family home for hundreds of years. The five-story hotel was designed with his passion for art, history, modernist design in mind. Collaborated with Giorgia Cerulli, Benedetta Salini, Vittorio Mango, and Emanuele Garosci, Salini created the hotel with a rough yet refined aesthetic seen throughout the space. The building was also designed to show off its 400-year-old glory. The designing team opted for preserving and exposing the original timber ceilings, while the walls were layered with hundreds of years of paint that can be seen in most of the rooms. Despite the historic touches, the hotel comes with contemporary arts and mid-century furnishings. The hotel has ten hotel suits and each has been decorated in similar fashion and furnishings. Few hotel