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Renovated and Extended Architecture with Elegant Modern for Historical House

This house was created in 1907 and now extended and remodeling into the fresh out one now. A cubic volume with large windows that applied the 20th-century home in the city to add space and bring natural light inside the house. The Portland architecture firm Beebe Skidmore beautifully throughout this renovated residence. The kitchen that designed specially with a series of openings and windows to fill up the inside with the natural light. On the top of the floor, there is bathroom with the dark color theme. The brick wall style throughout the bathroom with an open large windows for view from up there. There are twin white pendant lamp with the single white bathtub on the laminate wooden floor. The classy carpet enrich the look for this minimalist bathroom. Remodeling of House 1907 with Modern Architecture Inside this house, an open layout help to maximize the space, for purpose

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Remodel House of 1961 with Modern Architecture for Archibeck Residence

Coming with the house of 1961 that build by Mossman and Gladden. This house is the result of remodel by Jon Anderson Architecture that already won many awards through years. To enhance the architectural integrity of this mid-century contemporary house is the goal of remodeling the house. The white and grey colors theme dominated this house beautifully with the flat simple yard and garden with the single high large tree in the front side. This house appear with minimalist yet still mid-century look for the interior. The living space designed in simple way with the use of reddish wooden wall that functioning as the TV stand and storage built in at the same time. The classy grey sofa with white oval table on the grey carpet makes the view looks so match and stunning, while, at the other side, the open windows wall enrich this living room to give the

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Nouveau Art Idea for House Architecture with Minimalist Design

This one architecture obviously appear with fresh and cool house look. Here, Cedric Meuris and Bernard Devaux change the nouveau houses circa 1906 that located in Brussels, Belgium into the beautiful one in white. They renovated the house by using the white color as the theme decoration. as you can see at the picture above, the many golden hanging glass lamp decorate the white ceiling beautifully. Talking about furniture, they use the collection of mid 20th Century Scandinavian type of furniture with the addition of original art. Those furniture would fill up this interior house exclusively. This bedroom, using the white color theme that applied for the bed, walls, ceiling and curtains. The interesting thing about this bedroom is the shape of ceiling and wall that appear as the 3D triangle shape lean on up there. An amazing view as the interior house with the simple balcony at the other

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Attractive Look for Malbaie V House with Dramatic Architecture Ideas

This house striking by MU Architecture that close to the river. The exciting way to look at this house is because using the strict geometrical cubes while the wood use for outdoor with amazing shade. As you can see there, the house maximize the use of windows without curtain almost all part of the wall house. by this way, the attractive view of natural outdoor could be enjoy from the inside. Mostly, all part of this house architecture are made from wood as the material and designed geometrically in cubes shape. This house, applied the rooftop garden that could let you have the greenery upside there. The using of small pebbles here helping your living house are safe without getting slippery, muddy and clean at the same time. The garden are set on the eco rooftop with the amazing view from up there. This kind of house are designed without

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Refurbish and Extension Project of Cove House by Maryann Thompson Architects

Massachusetts-based architecture firm Maryann Thompson Architects was responsible for refurbish and extension project of Cove House. This shingle-style dwelling is located on Martha’s Vineyard, an island off the coast of Massachusetts which is known for its popular vacation spot. The house itself comes with an existing two-story gabled building covered with shingles and featured white-framed windows that are similar to many traditional residences around the US Northeast. In this project, the architecture team opened up the house’s ground floor and built two additions on the grassy coastal property. They included white interiors and other new window designs to highlight the surrounding natural scenery. They also reconfigured the ground floor in order to make a space for a larger kitchen and a second master suite where a garage once existed. In the form of two wooden buildings are a new garage and a separate boathouse. They were built to change the

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The House Addition Project of An Art-Deco Inspired Home in Adelaide

Sans-Arc Studio was in charge of an additional project for an art-deco inspired home located in Adelaide Australia. The house is owned by a young couple who wanted the home to look fun, colorful, curvy, and full of light. The house addition brings out the black-lined deep window reveals to provide shade for the interior spaces. This idea adds a touch of drama to the white façade of the abode. This custom-designed corner bench features a curved wood base and a thin upholstered cushion. Its existence provides a place to enjoy the views of the backyard. The kitchen has gone through some changes. Now the owners are able to entertain friends and family with this new kitchen. The house already has a good-sized dining area that was incorporated into the addition by running a singular kitchen island cum dining table through the two spaces, with the new dining room dropping

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Carlanderska Hospital: The Cozy Pampering Facility That Respects The Original Building’s Landmark

Carlenderska Hospital in Göteborg, Sweden, has been serving public and private patients in the healthcare department since 1927. However, over the course of years, the hospital required revamping and in 2017 the honor went to White Arkitekter. Despite a number of modifications, the cozy and pampering facility is able to maintain its charms by respecting the original plans and the existing hospital park. Through the project, the hospital has a building extension mainly houses technology-intensive functions like e-ray, surgery, and sterilization. In addition, the project added new entrances, a restaurant, and staff facilities. The new design of Carlenderska Hospital echoes the original plans, respecting the landmark building’s infamous atmosphere and expression while displaying its unique character. The architecture team used the same types of materials as the original building for the extension; a copper roof and red brick. As such, the materials were able to unify the new and old

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Schierker Feuerstein Arena: A Historic and Listed Ice Stadium At the foot of the Harz Mountains

Schierker Feuerstein Arena is a historic ice stadium located at the foot of the Harz Mountains in the Schierke district, Wernigerode, Germany. It underwent some renovation conducted by GRAFT that finished the project in 2017. The formerly natural ice stadium was renovated to a multi-functional arena where cultural and sports events can be held regardless of the weather conditions. The existing natural stone terraces and listed wooden referee tower were maintained in the new design, while administrations, sanitary facilities, changing rooms, gastronomy, and technical services were set in two functional buildings that complete the arena. Included in the design plan, there’s a roof structure which is anchored in two points in order to protect the space from sunlight, rain, and snow as well as to reveal the view of the surrounding mountains and the sky. The roof has that natural lightness and elegance that blends into the landscape. Its structure

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Zen Center At Baoguosi Buddhism Temple Designed By Approach Architecture Studio

Baoguosi Buddhism Temple is located in Sichuan Province, around a remote mountain area. The Zen Center’s site is also in the area and it was previously a teahouse built in the 1970s. Both sites are situated between the quiet forests and mountains. It is hidden among the trees so that it won’t break the relationship between the surrounding nature and the buildings. Some trees are preserved or transplanted to create a landscape or an inner courtyard. This set up naturally links the site with its environment. Preserved from the teahouse, the look of the small courtyard with the rock garden wasn’t changed. But to increase the capacity of the original teahouse, the footprint to the new building was expanded. In return, it forms a large opened-roof terrace intended for the meditation hall on the upper floor. Due to the difficulties of the transportation for the heavy-duty construction machinery and materials,

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This Small Building was Refurbished to A Contemporary Apartment Building

ON Architecture Inc was responsible for a refurbishment project of a small building located in Ulsan, South Korea. Finished in 2015, the project intended to convert the building into several individual apartments. The building structure is rather uncommon. If looking at the center, there are a set of stairs that divided the area into two spaces while also creating an open structure where both light and air flow into the building. There are two large spaces with their own bathroom on the first level. The external stairs situated under a beautiful wooden roof will lead to two independent apartments. Each has enough space to house a small family. Move to the upper level, there’s a wider space with greater dimensions that can house a bigger family. This space has more than one bedrooms and bathrooms. There’s also a large open area housing living room, dining space, and kitchen area. Two