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Convert Your Double Sided Fireplace Into An Outstanding Room Divider

A double sided fireplace is very versatile as it can be installed anywhere in a home. Many designers and architects alike choose to give such fireplace a more important role by placing it centrally. Aside from being able to distribute the heat efficiently, it’s also ideal as a room divider. Let’s see how a double sided fireplace works as a room divider! Nicolas Tye Architects designed this double sided fireplace as a room divider in Knutsfor House. It has a clean look of stacked stone complete with a stand-alone column that acts as a floor to ceiling log holder. Snook Architects installed a void on the side of the fireplace. The vertical void functions as wood storage but it’s also great for room divider just as you can see from this picture. This Estudio Galera design showcases asymmetry look by establishing two distinctive cubes; one for the fire and another

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Let’s Make Your Room Divider A Game Changer For Any Space

If you are on the hunt for a cool accent to divide your spaces in an open layout, room dividers are the best option for that. Room dividers have a lot of potentials to enhance the look of just about any space. They come in a flexible design that works even for small and large spaces. Here we have rounded up some clever room divider ideas you can try at home. Use A Sliding Glass Screen To add visual interest and privacy in the room, you should try incorporating a sliding, frosted glass screen. Do so and you will get a similar look as this Beverly Hills dining space. Opt For Tall, Neutral Design If your space is neutral, you need things to balance it out, therefore an accent or statement works for this case. You can opt for a tall room divider with neutral design as used in this

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How To Make The Most Of Room Dividers Even If You Have Small Spaces

The open layout isn’t always an option if you want to have more privacy in the home. Room dividers would be a great idea to have, but small spaces may restrict you to have this luxury. The fact is you can still have room dividers regardless of the size of your space. You just have to try these room divider ideas below! Using Bookcase As a Room Divider It’s brilliant to have a room divider that functions as storage too, right? A bookcase could be the perfect answer for that. This sleek wood bookcase, for instance, divides the open living area. Most of all, it doesn’t block sunlight to invade the space. A wall of bookcases was added to provide a more private space for the bedroom. In this small studio, you could only see a built-in bookcase. However, it has multiple functions; a divider to separate the living space

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Today’s Excellent Dividers Room Ideas

Most of minimalist living space require the room dividers that function to separate the other room part. Here come as the one that using the modern dividers with the bright shining yellow transparent color in medium size. The use of divider in other side has the function as the room decoration. Simple look for room divider that makes your living space become adorable is by  using the white color. The basic color that will match into any color background living room. This divider using the square pattern decor that sliding into three parts. The room divider could be in transparent or not based on your needs. Go Back Into Classic Style of Divider There is room dividers that using the hanging up style by the roof. The divider that require the strong string when use it. This kind of divider is using the transparent marble material that shaping into rose