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The QuadraOpus: Modular Furniture Serving As Seating, Shelving, And A Table

Anupria Singh, a student designer from India, decided to design modular furniture that can be functioned as multiple furniture pieces; a seating, a table, and shelving. Known as The QuadraOpus, the furniture can tackle the problem of small space owners who want to set up essential furniture at home without eating up much space. The background of this project began when Anupria conducted a case study of rooms and dormitories in Auroville, India. Based on that, she found that there was not plenty of storage space and the majority of the residents even did not have extra seating and shoe rack. From the case study, she opted for creating The QuadraOpus in hopes to solve the problems of small space owners. With the research as her guidance, Anupria designed the modular furniture using lightweight metal and wood. With the combination, The QuadraOpus is easy to stack and arrange based on


No More Boring Bookshelves As You Can Have These Creative and Unique Bookshelf Designs At Home

Furniture has come in many designs that at some degree could baffle us with their unique shapes and styles. However, those furniture will pop up your home, especially if you have a unique decorative taste. If you are just the type, you will absolutely love these unique and creative bookshelf designs! Looking for a practical yet innovative option in a bookshelf? Then these Folding Bookshelves could be the best choice for that. Made of sturdy cherry wood, these bookshelves will allow you to arrange books in an interesting way. Da-Eun Song created this original and modern shelf that spells out ‘Shelf’. Although you can’t store too much stuff on it, it still has a decorative value in it. The Quad Bookcase is a multiple-sized shelf that can help you organize your books, CDs, and DVDs all in one. If you need extra storage, there are units that can be joined


7 Clever Under-Sink Organizers You Should Incorporate Into Your Small Bathroom

Generally, a bathroom isn’t as spacious as other main spaces in the home. If you don’t have much stuff to add to the bathroom, the small size won’t matter much to you, but what if you require more spaces to put those stuff without cluttering and messing the space? The solution is to make the most of every leftover space such us under your bathroom sink. These storage ideas will show you how to do just that! Pull Out Organizer with Caddy Attached to the cabinet floor, this organizer can easily slide in and out. It also has detached caddy so it’s easy for you to take the organizer and its contents whenever required. Sliding Tiered Under-Sink Organizer The organizer comes with a slide-out system, allowing you to have easy access to all bathroom stuff you store under the sink. Adding the tiered shelves, you can have extra room for

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The Wonderful Way to Design your Desk Furniture

End up with confuse to decor your living space at the corner? Here we come to give you the bright ideas to try. There is a desk furniture that will fill your corner side. This desk will absolutely useful and helpful. The desk that designed special for corner side will beautify your living room completely. This furniture have the wide surface to you for use it as your need. The addition, the twin side of the desk that will have several layers there. In the recent time, we live with modernity that will affect everything. For example, this desk is using the current design. The desk that could be customized the height based on your need. The thin wooden table is suitable for get the minimalist ending look. Stunning Decoration Wall with Desk Collection Design The luxurious desk in simple design is now out here. The design that provide you

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Inspirational Closet Ideas with Recent Tone Design

Start to organize your things orderly by using the complete features of closet with the amazing design. The closet that surrounding your space and the small closet one in the middle with two sides open. The grey carpet that cover up all of your floor makes your wardrobe looks so elegant. The closet that high until touch your roof is kinda fit with the same color painting wall background that using the sliding door. The fresh look design for men closet is finally up here. The charming organized wardrobe men with classic decoration would be perfect for everyone. The old brown wooden as the main material here is looks so modern with simplicity. The choosing of vintage creamy carpet is very helpful because it provide the complete scheme special men closet in fresh look. Turn in Special Design In the closet, you can also store your jewelry safely without worries

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Outstanding Brilliant Way to Bring Light On Ideas

Using lamps is not always shape like rounded or oval but it could be shape in wire style. The wire looks like giving more lights on the room. This kind of lighting is adorable because it is functioning as shelf also at once. So, this one is perfect for decorating your plain wall. The recent ideas for lamps wall is brilliant and not mainstream as well. There, you can put on your things such as vase, terrarium and many more. The magnificent design ideas for huge hanging lamps is the homemade dome light sculpture. This type of lamps give the luxurious look at your simple design of living room. The furniture that would makes your decoration become awesome and beautiful in the sight. The color of gold light makes the light shining bright when the light is on. The ideas to show up the light glow in the dark doesn’t