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The Frame Sofa: The Modern And Minimalist Sofa Made of 6 Cushions

Cho Hyun Suk, a designer from Seoul, South Korea, developed a modern style grey sofa that sits within a white metal frame. He designed the sofa as a furniture project for furniture and design company Munito. The said furniture is known as the Frame Sofa. The Frame Sofa comprises several upholstered sections. Each section is making up the body of the sofa. All upholstered sections are fitting well and snugly into the frame that wraps around the sofa. This is the closer look of the upholstery and the cushion design created by Cho Hyun Suk. The Frame Sofa offers innovative customization in an extraordinary and unique way. The cover on every modular section, from the arms and back to the seat cushions, can be replaced easily. Therefore, if you want to change your sofa style or the cover is already wearing out, you can immediately switch it up in accordance


These Brilliant Solutions Will Help You Stay Away From Boring White Sofas

White sofas are still relevant as long as they aren’t boring and bland. However, homeowners are still reluctant to have the sofa as it is high maintenance. Despite the fact, a white sofa is actually timeless and you can make it even more interesting if you know the tricks, high maintenance doesn’t matter anymore. These solutions will help you fend off the boring white sofas and come up with a new awesome look. Unique White Sofa Ideas Modern day designers make white and off-white sofas a bold statement in your room. Fortunately, you can copy such ideas for your own sofas and turn them into a unique statement.  This refined white sofa has a curved silhouette, perfectly great for a sophisticated space. For a super glamour look, you can combine a large creamy tufted sofa with ottomans. The geometric lines in this luxurious off-white sofa don’t make it boring anymore.


8 Astonishing and Creative Sofa Design You Might Want To Have For Your Sitting Area

One of the most important things when designing a living room is considering what kind of sofa that is eye-catchy in design yet comfortable to sit on. You might get what you want from these creative and unique sofa designs The Hollywood Stardom Sofa is a unique furniture piece that can bring in a little Hollywood glam for your living room. The addition of four oversized pillows on its backrest makes the sofa looks so comfy. The Pixel Sofa is attention grabbing contemporary coach. It comes with a wide spectrum of colors. The sofa would add a wow factor not only for the living room but also your office or studio. The unusual shape of the Feel Seating System by Animi Causa might baffle you, but it is useful in many ways since the structure allows you to come with multiple forms. Tappezzeria Rocchetti is a set of an animal


Attractive Modern Sleeper Sofa Designs That Will Give You A Good Quality Sleep

Say no more to dull modern sleeper sofas! These attractive designs of sleeper sofas are ideal to show in your living spaces and expansive enough to sleep there whenever you want. With plenty of styles, it’s not difficult to have your dream sleeper sofa that will give you a good quality sleep. Take a look at these designs below! Modern Sleeper Sofas in Daybed Style Yes, it’s compact in design, but daybed might not be the most flexible to have around. However, Emil Højfeldt and Per Weiss have proved that it’s not the case anymore. Through this Dulox daybed, the two emphasized that a daybed isn’t only functioned as a great sofa alternative, but also as a cozy spacious sleeping space. There’s also this modern sleeper sofa design from Dering Hall called Twilight Sleeper Sofa. It appears more like a daybed with roll-shaped back and missing armrest, but it can

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Fresh Decoration Sofa in Modern Look

The limited space of your living space never become a problem. There is sectional long sofa that one leading line that will fit on your narrow room. the simple sofa that using the twin cushion with different size. The sofa with the minimalist design always suitable with any color, even it is the dark color such as old brown shelves behind the sofa. The use of sofa doesn’t always inside the house, but it could be outdoor of your house. There is one type pf sofa outdoor that use the modern ideas. The large hanging up sofa that use the cement holder and the large rope to be tied up there. The rounded sofa that will swing and makes you feel more comfortable with the several cushions. The rustic decoration of sofa that use in grey blue color fabric is the best choice to use. The sofa that has the

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Outstanding Brilliant Way to Bring Light On Ideas

Using lamps is not always shape like rounded or oval but it could be shape in wire style. The wire looks like giving more lights on the room. This kind of lighting is adorable because it is functioning as shelf also at once. So, this one is perfect for decorating your plain wall. The recent ideas for lamps wall is brilliant and not mainstream as well. There, you can put on your things such as vase, terrarium and many more. The magnificent design ideas for huge hanging lamps is the homemade dome light sculpture. This type of lamps give the luxurious look at your simple design of living room. The furniture that would makes your decoration become awesome and beautiful in the sight. The color of gold light makes the light shining bright when the light is on. The ideas to show up the light glow in the dark doesn’t

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Gorgeous Look for Fireplace Ideas

The world design is not always about modernity even always changing, but the good point is when you live in modernity, you can stay with old style. The same with the house design, mixing for both modern and old is the best way to give the beautiful result. The special space for fireplace only designed with vintage look by the bricks and the plain black fireplace with fence there to protect. There are so many style for putting fireplace. It could inside the house or outside the house. Usually, it because of the owner design plan house. The thing is we have to give the right and suitable way to put fireplace. The outside house is challenging to do by giving the high wall there to protect fireplace from the weather and wind. It has to be strong wall and perfect cover to protect fireplace outdoor. Fireplace identically associated with