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The QuadraOpus: Modular Furniture Serving As Seating, Shelving, And A Table

Anupria Singh, a student designer from India, decided to design modular furniture that can be functioned as multiple furniture pieces; a seating, a table, and shelving. Known as The QuadraOpus, the furniture can tackle the problem of small space owners who want to set up essential furniture at home without eating up much space. The background of this project began when Anupria conducted a case study of rooms and dormitories in Auroville, India. Based on that, she found that there was not plenty of storage space and the majority of the residents even did not have extra seating and shoe rack. From the case study, she opted for creating The QuadraOpus in hopes to solve the problems of small space owners. With the research as her guidance, Anupria designed the modular furniture using lightweight metal and wood. With the combination, The QuadraOpus is easy to stack and arrange based on


11 Inspiring Pallet Console Table Designs For Your Entryway

Pallets are ready material to construct furniture. They don’t require complicated changes as other materials. A lot of DIY projects use pallets as the material and they are easy to incorporate anywhere. Function wise, it can also act as extra storage so it’s good for a narrow space like entryways. Check out these inspiring pallet console table ideas for entryways: It’s a sleek entryway console table constructed from two pallets. It functions as entryway storage and there’s a black tabletop to finish the look. Still made of two pallets, this table adopts the stylish modern design. A glass tabletop is handy for more storage. Want to emphasize a rustic style in your entryway? This rustic pallet console with a slatted top and shelf would do the job for you. It also comes with a small drawer. It’s cool to have a sleek pallet console like this in your entryway, right?


Affordable Yet Stylish Accent Tables You Can Purchase For Less Than $50

For such a small furniture piece, accent tables can actually do a lot of things to make your space feel finished. However, small tables could be pricier, making you hesitant to add it into your décor. What you probably don’t know is, there are actually more affordable accent table options you can get for less than $50 on Amazon. On top of that, the designs are stylish too and will add a wow factor to the home. Here are the options of cheaper accent tables you can pick: Giantex 2 – Tier Coffee Table With less than $40, you can purchase Giantex 2-Tier Coffee Table. The clean-lined tripod table is far from old and plain. It is also small enough to be used as a sofa table or a nightstand. The two tiers in the table can work as extra storages. mDesign Modern Farmhouse Side Table This extraordinary, metal wire


This Unique, Modern Table Design Has A Built-In Cacti and Succulent Planter

It’s nice to have furniture that doubles as a decorative item too, isn’t it? On top of that, the furniture looks unique that even people can’t help but adore it once they see the design. If you are falling into an anti-mainstream type, you may love this table design concept. A bunch of designers and nature lovers have worked together to release their creation of furniture with green theme in it. The furniture is known as the Blooming Tables. It is a modern table design that integrates a planter. The Blooming Tables was designed to allow the owners to easily grow plants inside the comfort of their homes without overcrowding the space. Hence, they came up with designing a table that has a built-in planter. The table has a glass tabletop to show the plants or even small decorative items below.  In short, this is a functional living table but

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What to Consider When Picking Dining Room Table for Your Dining Space

With a wide number of styles, materials, and price range, it’s not difficult to find a dining room table you want for your dining space. But the truth is some serious consideration is needed when you want to get the right choice over all those attractive options available in the market. Easy, just take note of the following ideas before you decide to buy a dining room table for your space! Mind the Size of Your Dining Room Size matters! You can’t pick the dining room table without considering the size of your dining area first. Is the space of the room expansive enough? Or small and more minimalistic in style? Whatever it is, just measure the space where you will place the dining table and make sure you get one according to the measurement. With it on your hand, you will avoid buying a dining table that has the