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These Iconic 1960’s Bubble Chairs Were Interpreted by British Designer Ben Rousseau

Do you remember this bubble chair created by Eero Aarnio in 1968? Years later, we still see this kind of chair decorating our homes or even other buildings. It is that iconic that even people in modern days are willing to have this furniture around. A huge number of bubble chairs are available in the market with a varying design that can be adjusted based on your preference. Even many infamous designers have recreated the original 1968 bubble chair with their own style, adding a more modern touch to it. One of the designers is Ben Rousseau. The British designer paid tribute to the original bubble chair design by launching his own version.  The bubbly chair was included in his latest furniture collection. Rousseau admitted that he always loved the original design by Aarnio as it is iconic 60s design yet it is timeless. Bubble chairs are quite versatile too.

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Heirloom Ambleside: A Modern, Casual Restaurant Reflecting The Mountainside And Coastal Setting

Heirloom Ambleside is a modern fast casual restaurant located close to the beach in Vancouver, Canada. Its interior was designed by Evoke International Design Inc and reflects the mountainside and coastal setting. The main idea of this project was to create an interior that is flexible and would accommodate a dawn-till-late casual dining concept. The casual dining concept also comes with a juice bar, café, and a full-sized kitchen. Thanks to the restaurant’s corner location, the designing team was able to make the most of the tall street front windows. They realized the idea by adding bar seating along them, offering diners with views of the street as they enjoy their foods and drinks. To emphasize the mountainside and coastal setting, tones of forest green and marine blue were integrated into the interior design. You can see these color schemes through the restaurant’s millwork, tile finishes, the upholstery, and loose

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The Dessert KITCHEN: A Café with An Eye-Catching Façade

Towodesign was completed a new café called the Dessert KITCHEN in an underground mall in Chengdu, China. The café comes with an eye-catching façade and an outdoor dining space that is designed to look like a slice of cheese. The inspiration behind this café is the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The design team wanted to craft a journey of imagination for the customers while at the same time drawing people attention to the café. Hence, they incorporated a bright yellow cheese slice that looks enticing and draws the customers in to travel through the slice into the café. Moreover, the design of the cheese slice offers an extra seating area outside. Inside, the design team created dessert heaven with a church-like interior structure to evoke a sense of ‘ritualism’. Elements of towering domes of churches were utilized to the ceiling that consists of few vaults. The fin helps

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Levantine Hill Estate: A Winery Restaurant with Distinctive Wood-Lined Barrel Booths

Molecule Studio was appointed to decorate the interior of the Levantine Hill Estate. Located in the Yarra Valley wine region, Australia, the design team added a distinctive and unique element to the restaurant; that is a series of wood-lined barrel booth. While the interior was done by Molecule Studio, the overall building was constructed by Fender Katsalidis Architects. It houses a wine tasting area, a casual dining room,  a formal dining room, and a private room. When it comes to the new unique addition, Molecule Studio opted for positioning the timber lined barrel booths along one of the walls of windows. The position offers a semi-private dining experience for the customers. The booth design resembles the wine barrels used within the winery. The layout is more open for the casual dining area. The design team went with solid wood tables coupled with leather seating. Track light system is seen in


How To Design Your First Apartment On A Dorm Room Budget

When you live on a budget but what to design your first living place in style, you might think that your designing option is very limited. You probably think that it’s difficult to make it as chic as you want it to be. While your option is limited due to the limited budget, it doesn’t mean you can design your apartment that way. Here we offer you some decorating tips on designing your first apartment on a dorm room budget. So let’s check them out! Keep on Experimenting Spend some time to experiment with your apartment arrangement. You can rearrange your furniture and simply just have some fun playing around. Usually, it takes some time to find what exactly you want from the arrangement, so just be patient! Mix and Match Your Bedding Avoid buying complete bedding set as it won’t allow you to explore with the decoration. Instead, watch


Turn Your Bathroom Wall Into A Stunner With These Beautiful Decorating Ideas

Decorating the walls in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom is nothing new, but how about your bathroom? Your bathroom wall needs some attention too and you can do that by beautifying its walls with some decorations. What decoration ideas should you choose for the said walls? No worries, we have gathered the ideas just for you! Chalk It Up Now you have a more creative option to write messages in the bathroom. Instead of using bathroom stall, why not share notes and drawings on a chalkboard as seen in this bathroom example. You can even write down some friendly reminders on there. Tiled Treatment Option While this is quite a major revamp for your bathroom, the result would be mind-blowing. Installing tiles on your bathroom walls will definitely turn your bathroom into a stunner! There are many tile selections you can pick, so it’s easy to choose one that

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Let’s Use Wallpaper To Create A Statement In Your Bedroom

One of the best methods to create personalization in your bedroom is by using wallpaper. Wallpaper comes with a different design that can be adjusted to your preferred style, so it won’t be hard to pick one that works for your bedroom. Also, it’s a great way to create a statement in the space by using wallpaper. These bedrooms are the fine examples for that. Floral That Looks Masculine The floral pattern in the wallpaper surely looks feminine. But with sepia tone and cantilevered table lamps, the bedroom offers a masculine vibe too. Icy and Cool The blue tone wallpaper used in this master bedroom creates an icy and cool feel, but absolutely not cold. Instead, this wallpaper works as a perfect statement. Pretty and Pastel This wallpaper will look good in a more feminine bedroom. It adds beauty to the room and also a wow factor. Tropical Meets Houndstooth


Versatile Kitchen Layout Designs That Work for Each and Every Home

There are a number of versatile kitchen layouts to choose by a modern homeowner. Those designs look unexpected and fresh at the same time. However, to come with the right arrangement, you need to have the exact measurements of the area and then create a few layouts on the paper. To make your job easier, we’re going to give you some versatile kitchen layout designs that could inspire you: U-Shaped Kitchen Layout This layout is preferably used in a square room. The storage is organized following the shape, which means the cabinets set on three sides of the room. Smaller u-shaped kitchens may look stuffy specifically with a kitchen island included, but they will be convenient if you have a bit more space. To open up more space, you can go with pastel colors like this mint u-shaped kitchen for instance. Gallery Kitchen Layout The room is divided into two


6 Flooring Selections You Can Choose For Your Abode

The floor isn’t something you should take lightly in designing a home. It has a role to create a functional, inviting and warm abode. Choose the right floor treatment, you can improve your décor, pull the overall room together, and add value to the home as well. To give you all the options you need, we have gathered 6 flooring selections you can choose to bring out a fantastic set up under foot.  Check out the list below! Wood and Laminate Flooring Wood floors can be an affordable treatment for your home. But it’s also a great option for homeowners who don’t think that budget is a problem. Whatever the case, wood floors work for anyone who wants to create a rustic feel at home combined with any other styles. Elastic Resilient Flooring Resilient flooring is made of elastic material. This hard-wearing, firm material consists of vinyl, asphalt, linoleum, cork,

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6 Proofs That Gray is A Timeless Choice for A Living Room

Gray is such a classy and elegant interior color. The color is also known for its versatility as it works with other tones as well. If chosen correctly, the shade of gray can offer warmth and depth to the space. Better yet, gray is a timeless color that works for a very long time regardless of the dynamic change of interior trends. Still not convinced? These 6 living rooms are the proofs that gray is a timeless color: Works Well with Neutral Tones Going overboard with neutral shades could leave a cold feeling to a room. But with the presence of gray in the upholstered sofa and wall as seen in this design, the living room oozes warmth and inviting feeling. Tone Down Bolder Hues It’s okay to incorporate bright and bolder elements in the living room, but if it’s overdone, the space will look flashy, right? However, the touch