4 Decorating Tips from A Renowned Interior Designer

Read carefully because this time you are going to hear some brilliant tips from a top interior designer, Grant K. Gibson. The 39-year-old designer has been working in designing field for more than 1 decade. Coming from Los Angeles, he is now based in San Francisco and has been fulfilling many homeowners’ dreams to have living spaces that ooze their respective personalities, experiences, and preferences.

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He pours his design process and educates people about interior design through his book entitled The Curated Home. Without much ado, let’s check out the tips below!

Know Your Style

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It’s important to bring out your style in your interior. Thus, Gibson emphasizes this issue before you start decorating your home. Ask yourself how you want your home to feel, is it classic, modern, formal, playful? What colors and patterns do you prefer to enhance the look of your home? Take note of everything that strikes your fancy and goes with that idea.

What You Dislike?

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Knowing what you don’t like in every facet of your life can be a good step to create a comfortable home, said Gibson. By having a list of the stuff you dislikes, you can narrow down your options. For example, if you don’t like the color white, you can avoid having anything with the color in it.

Balance it Out


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Mind about your space planning because it will help balance the space altogether and offer the right visual weight as well as distribution. Space planning which includes scale or measurement is important to choose the proportional furniture to place in every space.

Proper Paint Choice

paint selection

Before you go with any color, it is important to consider your paint selection. With the right choice, your spaces will be in harmony regardless of different paint colors you use in the project. It is suggested to sample the actual paint first on your walls and observe the color in the morning light, natural light, and at night.

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If you are in the process of decorating your home, this is the right time to listen to Gibson’s advice on how to decorate your home properly.