6 Modern Paint Colors That Will Pop Up Your Space This Year

What do you think of modern paint colors when the concept crosses your mind? Is it pure white or dramatic hues? According to Andrea Magno from Benjamin Moore, modern color doesn’t always relate to modern architecture. It is a matter of how those colors are able to capture a modern sensibility.

modern color selection

So anything from the old color white to dramatic shade like black could fall into modern paint color category. But to make it easier for you to decide, especially if you want to revamp your humble abode this year, Magno suggests some modern paint colors to pop up your home décor. Here’s the list:

Bring Energy to Your Space with Caliente

energetic red caliente

Strong, energetic, and bold, that’s what you will get from Caliente. This red will transform your space into more confidence and dramatic vibe. Whenever people come to the space painted with this color, they will feel that energetic feels.

Classic White in White Opulence

white opulence creates sophistication

Talking about modern paint isn’t complete without including white in it. White Opulence is a shade of white that will never get old. It also offers sophistication to your space.

white opulence with a pop of color and textures

If this color looks too bland, you can add a pop of color or texture like this entryway design for instance.

Black Beauty for Dramatic Effect

black beauty for dramatic effect

A black shade will add a more dramatic touch to your interior. You can treat it as an accent wall or even paint the entire room with this shade.

Excalibur Grey Offers Sophisticated Look

excalibur grey with a hint of violet

If white and black aren’t to your liking, maybe gray can be your perfect match. Excalibur Gray offers sophistication, says Magno. It also works for a bedroom or bathroom area due to a slight violet cast in it.

Sharkskin Provides Versatility

sharskin is a versatile deep green color

Actually, a deep gray shade of green is pretty versatile to pair with most interior décor, be it bold or neutral hues. Magno suggests testing this color in the living room to feel the powerful impact when blended with the décor.

Silver Marlin for Elegant Look

silver marlin for elegant look

Magno claims that the pale green-gray in Silver Marlin offers both elegance and tranquility. This is a perfect shade to use in a bedroom or living room and combined it with metallic accents.