6 Proofs That Gray is A Timeless Choice for A Living Room

Gray is such a classy and elegant interior color. The color is also known for its versatility as it works with other tones as well. If chosen correctly, the shade of gray can offer warmth and depth to the space. Better yet, gray is a timeless color that works for a very long time regardless of the dynamic change of interior trends.

timeless gray living room design

Still not convinced? These 6 living rooms are the proofs that gray is a timeless color:

Works Well with Neutral Tones

gray with neutral colors

Going overboard with neutral shades could leave a cold feeling to a room. But with the presence of gray in the upholstered sofa and wall as seen in this design, the living room oozes warmth and inviting feeling.

Tone Down Bolder Hues

gray tones down bolder shades

It’s okay to incorporate bright and bolder elements in the living room, but if it’s overdone, the space will look flashy, right? However, the touch of dark gray on the walls can balance out the bolder tone in the space just like this living room design from Kevin O’Gara’s Georgia home.

softer gray to subdues flashy decor

This design is also another option to balance out the bolder hues. Instead of dark gray, the softer tone is more suitable to complement the eye-catching design of this living room.

Highlights Wall Décor

gray highlights the artwork

The paint should complement the décor you set for your living room walls. If you choose gray, you will achieve this design goal. The shade of warm gray in this living room is a fine example of that. Instead of outshining the art collection on the wall, the color is able to highlight it.

Alternative to Black

gray is alternative to black

If you like the color black but afraid that it’s too intimidating to utilize in a living space, then there’s a safer alternative for that.  Yes, it’s gray. You can still include black in the interior through furniture or decorative items.

Brightens Up Neutrals

gray brightens up neutrals

If your living room is furnished with neutral pieces, light gray walls will make a great impact on the interior design. The color makes a room for the furnishing to function as a statement.