A New Sustainable Math, Business, and Health Division Building for El Camino College

LPA Design Studios was appointed to build a new sustainable faculty to house Mathematics, Business, and Allied Health Division for El Camino College. This 109,000-square-foot building consists of four stories.

el camino college for math, business, and allied health building

El Camino’s Math, Business, and Allied Health Division houses 58 classrooms, administration support spaces, 72 faculty offices, and three division suites. This project is an addition to a new athletic complex that the designing team was responsible for.

the building has 4 stories in total

Some parts of building clad with glass material, allowing the natural light to penetrate inside the interior while at the same time showcasing the airiness of the building. On the other side, the building was covered in concrete materials.

cast-in-place concrete building

Meanwhile, the Allied Health division is situated on the fourth floor. It has specialized, state of the art vocational labs and classroom. The four vocational labs are intended for radiology, the nursing program, and respiratory health.

the allied health division

The division also comes with two x-ray rooms and a dark room for advance applied learning. Such skills and simulation labs offer hands-on experience in a mock-up hospital room.

the faculty provides hands-on experience for the students

LPA Design Studios was in charge of the Math, Business, and Allied Health Division’s architecture, engineering, and interiors design.  Due to its sustainable design, the building has succeeded to bring AIALBSB Honor Award.