All New Kitchen Design Trends in Various Style

Today we want to give you various style of kitchen design trends. We have select some of photos taken from Pinterest, Instagram and any other source that can give you some inspiration.

kitchen design with large copper light fixture

Instead of bringing color to the bottom half of your kitchen, keep your decor high. Use a pastel hue to keep the space contemporary with just a kiss of color.

modern kitchen with dark floors

You don’t have to change your all-white kitchen and start all over again, in fact, having a white kitchen is perfect when you want to add just a kiss of color.

colorful kitchen island stools

Maximize the room and the space you have by having an open floor plan as part of your kitchen and dining room.

kitchen design with reclaimed wood in multiple different shades

Furthermore, having two-tones as part of your cabinetry allows you to work with an array of color without taking away from your decor. Open shelves are on trend and we are obsessed.

nice kitchen with losed cabinets with open shelving

Copper is back on trend and we’re loving it! Scatter the precious metal around to get the most out of the room. Display your copper pots around to truly bring that copper approach forward.

open floor plan kitcen with open space design ideas

If your room is pretty light, darker floors could bring the perfect contrast. Creating a contrast allows you to bring a multidimensional aesthetic to the room. If you already have dark floors in your kitchen space, consider darkening them with wood stain.

soapstone sinks in multiple different hues

By having them become the highlight you will be allowing the bits of white to take a step back while the color enriches the room’s personality.

two tone kitchen cabinets with dark color tone

The following trends will make your kitchen all the rage while being your favorite area of the home. Texture is a huge part of this year’s trends. Furthermore, you want to combine multiple textures to bring your colors forward and make them stand out.

tiles textures in ktichen decor

Having the same color wave ensures both rooms are cohesive and shared decor is felt throughout the room.

whimsical ceiling color in kitchen interior

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