Amazing Design for Flooring Ideas Your Living Space

This eye-catching floor design would make you feel like the out space. this kind of flooring design would perfectly fit in your living room. this kind of floor is using the random brown color that mix with the some space color. By using this floor, you will feel the atmosphere of space like. The floor is shaping like for the surface, but it is using the glass surface so that you will feel smooth and cool when you step on it.

Beautiful Epoxy Floor Ideas in Random Color Design

This time, the simple wooden floor that using the bold red color for the flooring of this living space. this floor is using the vertical style for each rectangular shape wooden. By using this kind of wooden floor, your living room that use the white color design would perfectly match joined.

Bold Redwood Color Laminate Floor Design

Luxurious Effect when Touching you Floor with This Design

Wonderful design for house flooring with the blue sea color is always mesmerizing. This floor using the natural architecture floor like in the ocean, so that the blue sea color is perfect match. When you decide to use this kind of floor, you can choose the simple furniture that would make the living space adorable in minimalist design.

Eye-catchy Look for Blue Sea Floor Ideas

This one kind of floor, you will be rocking with the result. The dark background of floor that using the golden sparkle decoration that would sparkling when it touches with the lighting. This floor would absolutely makes your space feels like the starry night sky. By using this floor, you will feel the luxurious environment there even in the day or night time.

Gorgeous Starry Dark Floor with Shining Decor

The next, is the creamy color floor that using the abstract design. this kind of floor is some how makes you feel like step on the unknown ground because the floor provide the fresh decoration. when the spot lights on the roof is turn on, you will see the lights reflect on the floor and makes the beautiful ending to see.

Marvelous Look for Modern Flooring Design Ideas

Absolutely Beautiful Flooring Decoration Ideas

Having the 3D design for your flooring is actually the best one. You can feel the step on your floor like step on the browny sand that blown by the wind. This kind of floor would suitable for you who want to get covered the dirty spot with the dark color floor. But this floor is absolutely makes your living room look stunning.

Such Epoxy Floor Decor with Wooden Color Design

For those who want the sweet look appear from your floor, you can try to use the pastel color pink for the floor design. there, you can feel your space is comfortable and cozy. Then, to beautify your living roof, you can use the rectangle edge lighting at your roof to make the beautiful reflection on the floor. When, it is reflected, you will feel your floor is using another decorating without adding something.

Sweet Floor in Pink Design Ideas