Assorted Look with Fresh Design for Bathtub Furniture

The new faces for bathroom furniture is always moving dynamically following the futures. The good things is, even there are a lot of modern design, there always the classic ideas mix in there. The bathtub shape that inspired by the bowl in simple design will makes your shower time worth to spend because using the white color is always relaxing.

Classic Decoration for Simple White Bathtub

Recent bath furniture is not always in common style. Here is coming up the bathtub design in rectangular and using the wooden as the outer material. The low bathtub is using the contemporary shower that designed from the roof and they fall down just like the rain. Obviously, this kind of bathtub is wonderful to try.

Large Wooden Rectangular Bathtub with Upside Shower

Mesmerizing Design for Minimalist Ideas Bathtub

Another look for bath furniture is coming with the three layer design just like bowl shape in medium size. The bathtub that will makes your place is comfortable so you will get much water in there just like in the pool. The decoration for the bathtub is clearly using the white color theme almost for all aspect in the bathroom.

Luxurious in White for Bathtub Inspired from Bowl

If you like to focus on using the simple and plain style for the bathroom furniture. You can only use the primary furniture at your bathtub room. here, you can use the normal size of the common bathtub then the single shelf that integrated with the wall and the single faucet there. For addition, you can put vase flower there then at the other side the showers is suitable to complete your bathroom decoration.

Minimalist Bathtub with Plain Design yet Beautiful Look

Recent Bathtub Decor for Plain Design Ideas

For some of people, using the color theme for one living space is kind of bored. You can use the white color decor for only primary furniture such as bathtub, main floor and lamps. You can take other color for the rest like brown painting. This time the white bowl that shape the bathtub in medium height with the center dark classic faucet there. The lights that using the chandeliers white lamps to beautify your simple bath design look.

Simple Look for the Contemporary Design Bathtub Inspired by High Large Bowl

There is the glamorous design for your special bathroom. The transparent ideas always be the most people chose than others. The transparent bathtub that using the two side back in medium size. The tempered glass that provide you the best experience in relaxing time with the simple stainless steel faucet in the center.

Transparent Glass Modern Bathtub with Two Stand Side

The wonderful bath experience can you get if you apply this design bath at your bathroom. The under ground bathtub that end up with the same surface with your ground. The white shape rectangular bathroom that provide you the current feeling than before with the simple single faucet at the center.

Under Ground Bathtub Design Idea in Rectangular Decor White