Attractive House Architecture with the Olson Cabin Forest Idea

The cabin house style that specially designed by Jim Olson. In 1930, he was build the bunkhouse then it all burn into fire on property and this one is the only piece that was left. He renovated the cottage for several times for adding rooms and some. This cottage built in the black bold color with random shape that beautiful even in the middle of the forest.

Amazing Architecture with Olson Forest Cabin Housing

This architecture that using cabin forest idea mostly applied the glass transparent wall without curtain for some part. There, by using it, everyone could easily enjoy the outside view from the inside. This living room using the classic style of design that wooden play the main furniture interior. While, for the furniture are chosen in simple yet classic type with the calm colors.

Extensive Glazing for Enjoy the View

This house consist of the three cabin with tiny pavilions that connected by the wooden platforms under a unifying roof and almost the whole landscape grounded into the hillside. Again, to make it more alive, the light for lamps interior is using gold light, so it would appear the beautiful look from the outside at night in woodlands.

House Look Like Woodland

Olson Forest Cabin Architecture would make You as a Secret Admirer

Mostly, this cottage designed in simple without any much furniture to take space. there, you can see that the small balcony complete this housing part. The balcony that have the chair set to enjoy the outside view. At the other side, the simple carpet, with the single chair with the standing lamp and the sofa bench makes the living space looks adorable.

Inside Architecture with Colored Nature Look

The interior is not about the expensive or the luxurious one. Here, Olson applied the minimalist bedroom design. the bed space that using the wooden as the shelf for both side right and left while in the middle there is a skylight in half circle shape with the simple decor. The bedroom have the double windows for each side of the bed. This skylight background decor to make your sleep faster and has the good quality.

Master Bedroom Features with Bookshelves for Both Side and Skylight Roof above the Bed

Lovely Forest Architecture for Cabin Cottage Housing Ideas

This one floating balcony always mesmerizing for enjoying outdoor landscape. We could call it as terrace or porches to help everyone admire the nature directly. The combining of black and white color are beautiful inside the greenery woodland. The cabin forest cottage absolutely welcoming and warming for each people who love to enjoy the nature and adventure.

The House Build by Various Color and Kind of Plywood

This last look for Olson forest cabin cottage architecture. This one had another side for balcony, terraces or porches as their name. The one that has the extra space but still in one roof and coming with the grey pale nature wood and there is a single tree there that functioning as the natural decoration.

There are Various Terraces and Porches to Enjoy the View