Attractive Look for Malbaie V House with Dramatic Architecture Ideas

This house striking by MU Architecture that close to the river. The exciting way to look at this house is because using the strict geometrical cubes while the wood use for outdoor with amazing shade. As you can see there, the house maximize the use of windows without curtain almost all part of the wall house. by this way, the attractive view of natural outdoor could be enjoy from the inside.

Beautiful Interior Look for Dramatic House Architecture

Mostly, all part of this house architecture are made from wood as the material and designed geometrically in cubes shape. This house, applied the rooftop garden that could let you have the greenery upside there. The using of small pebbles here helping your living house are safe without getting slippery, muddy and clean at the same time.

Dramatic Architecture for Malbaie V House

The garden are set on the eco rooftop with the amazing view from up there. This kind of house are designed without any roof like the common house. By using this roof, you will support the greenery system in environment perfectly.

Enchanted Rooftop for Malbaie V House Dramatic Architecture

Interior Malbaie House with Attractive Architecture Modern Design

Here, we could see that the wood has the different color and motive. For the upside house architecture exterior, the architect applied reddish brown color wooden for covering almost all part of the second floor. While, the downside is using the grey color wooden with abstract motive enrich the exterior look.

Eye Catching Exterior for Malbaie V House

There is quite large for the balcony with the wooden floor and black minimalist fence around the balcony side. Double table and chairs set complete the presence of balcony that functioning at the same time as your outdoor living space to admire the beauty of nature directly.

Lovely Outdoor for Malbaie V House Architecture

Adorable Look for Dramatic Architecture Malbaie House

Coming with the interior that give the sense of dramatic into your living room. there, mostly the furniture applied the black color. this color suitable to make the sense of minimalist yet luxurious as your interior furniture. The black color are applied for high back chairs with standing and hanging pendant lamps.

Outstanding Interior Look for Dramatic House Architecture

This house has the unique architecture yet special because you can enjoy the different landscape in one house from any angles. When the reddish wooden brown color exterior house touches the sun lighting, it is the wonderful color and reflection to see as the view.

Wooden Style for Dramatic Malbaie V House Architecture

The dramatic look of this house coming from many windows around the house as the double function for exterior and interior. Maximize the windows increase the gorgeous look in the night when the light is turn on. The wooden color reflection met the gold light of each lamps enrich the dramatic ending look for this Malbaie V House architecture.


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