Awesome Design for Wall Decoration with Current Ideas

Decorating your interior is not always about using the luxurious and expensive furniture. The things that we could do is by using the simple decor ideas and using the common things. They are such as picture frames, hanging accessories, drawing and many more. This time coming with the fresh trend for wall decorating. The half painted decor by using white and grey navy color. Then, at the corner placing the single old stool. Your wall decoration could be with some random hanging up things.

Half Printed Decor Wall Design

There is cool ideas to memorize your moments with your beloved people at your empty wall. By using the printed or painted picture of your memories photo then make it into the large size that could fit on your wall size. There, the large picture framed is the enough to make your living space is stunning.

Large Art Scale Wall Design

The simple way to decorate your large empty wall without using much material is the thing that you have to apply now. The abstract drawings that use the coffee browny color that painted rotating through the size of the wall. By using this way, you will get your wall decorate beautifully without using much furniture or material substance.

Large Scale Artwork Wall Decor

Perfect Ideas Wall Decorating Design

Here come the minimalist look for decorating your wall. Decorate your empty wall could be use the large shelf that also functioning as the room divider. The wall decoration that using the wooden as the material with the dark grey color wooden is the right choice to use. While at the other side you have the large pendant lamp to brighten up your space.

Simple Wall Decor Ideas

Using the geometric wall decor is always be favorite because it could be done in simple way. Having the geometric wall at your living space could be made by using wallpaper or painted by our self using the block shape. This time, the geometric style is using triangle shape that turn with pink and dark purple combination.

Stylish Geometric Decor Ideas

Lovely Look for Decorating Your Wall

The wonderful ending look would be yours if you apply this wall decor right now. This stunning wall decor is using the textured wall that randomly apply with the grey light color. This wall decor didn’t use any other decoration. while the sectional grey sofa with the several cushion in different color already perfectly match.

Textured Wall Design Ideas

Picturing moments or something important in frames at the wall always be the best idea. There are many picture framed at the wall to fill up the empty space. this time, there were randomly picture framed with different size and color. At the other side the standing lamp also complete the decoration. then, the several cushion with grey sofa always end up stunning.

Travel Gallery Wall Decor Ideas