Basic Things before Building A House

Making decision in building a house from scratch might not be an easy way if there is no great planning. That is why there are basic things that may help in making plans. Budget plan may play important role but not always be an initial thing to do. In order to maximize the result, every idea should be released and then it can be adjusted later.

Start from the location and condition of the site, see how important having forecourt or front garden. If the front street of the house is busy or many vehicles go through along the way and almost all day, front garden is a good idea to reduce even the air or noise pollution get into the house. Then, calculate how great the space of the site, if it is small and narrow, two-story house could be considered. Have a car or more? Carpark can be an option if there is not enough space to build a garage.


Choose Style

After decide some of the outlines mentioned above, choosing the style of the house could be the next step. The style may be based on the owner’s character combine with existing style references. The general idea of the existing style of the house mostly influenced by American, European, or even Asian model. Two-story house is more related to European complete with pillars and wide windows. Symmetrical shape preferences and a lot of windows will take you to American style. Dealing with nature as the main character can see Asian type for references. These kinds of the style will guide making a point of your planning step.

Apply the Material

Selecting material of the house can be easier after choosing the style above. Once style was selected, it will guide what kind of materials should be applied and where to put on. Wood, brick, metal, or even glass can be an option to create the main element of the house. They also can be combined to each other to satisfy the art side of the owner. Chosen material could be an alternative to balance the environment condition based on the main weather surrounding the site. There might be awkward using full glass as the main material of the house in hot atmosphere.


Pick Color

Color could be the last option to think about. Applied materials will help you choose appropriate color. But, when it comes to art as the dominant, any colors will be match for specific person. Natural types will use the color of material itself without need to think about paints. The natural color from the material has great value and low-cost of maintenance. Color can represent the owner’s character, no matter what it looks, just be confident and brave to choose the color.


Those kinds of basic things can create a point in every planning step when building a house from scratch. It will be fine to modify or combine all the types above, just find a way to make the house as cozy as you would like to because the house may be used for a long period of life. Never be afraid releasing the expression to the house because it will be yours not theirs.

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