Beautiful Decoration for Living Room Interior Design

The modern living room but in the luxurious decor with ornate look. The living room is using the white color for the white background such as roof, wall and sofa. There, the ornate decoration applied for the large high mirror, hanging chandelier, fireplace and the carpet. While the rest are decorate in simple way but still in modern design. then, the floor is using the natural dark brown color. At the other side, you can have the small fireplace with the ornate decor and medium mirror at the upside.

Chich Ornate Fireplace Living Room Ideas

Colorful color theme decoration always be the best one to apply in your living space. this living space applied the blue, yellow, green and pink color combination. The sectional blue sofa have the cushion in pink color and use the oval random table shape that made from the material of wood. At the other side, we have the twin armchair in bright yellow with the wide and large windows behind that using the motive leaf green curtain. While, the door at the corner using the pink color with the abstract motive colorful carpet on laminate wooden floor.

Colorful Living Room with Printed Decoration

Living Room Interior Ideas with Superb Ending Looks

The striped way could be another idea to decorate your living space with zebra look by using monochromatic decor. This living room using the square carpet that striped just like zebra on the floor while the laminate wood is the material for the floor. Then, the sectional grey sofa with triangle curved edge wooden table is the suitable look. At the other side, you can add the single high back arm chair with the wooden wall for one side. Large standing lamp in circle with the black curtain are the right way make the best result look for your living space.

Current Living Room with Striped Carpet Monochromatic Ideas

Another way to live up your living space could be done with the using of various bright color theme. The bright color are bright blue, yellow, orange, white and creamy brown. Those color could be applied for each furniture. The first long sofa is using blue, then, the sofa armchair is orange while the rest single chair is white with dark brown wooden. At the other side, the large navy color curtain perfectly match for large white windows. Enrich your living space by using the sunbrust style pendant lamp that would totally beautify your room.

Mid Century Colorful Living Space with Sunbrust Chandelier Design

Absolutely Eye-catching Living Room Interior

Mid century is hardly beaten by the time. This time, the single long sofa with green pale color and the several classic cushions perfectly suitable with the mid century white striped pattern carpet on the laminate wood floor. Enrich the living room with some potted plant for each side of your space to add the fresh look with your white background wall painting there.

Mid Century Modern Living Room with Potted Plant and Printed Carpet

Modern white living room could be win the heart of yours by using this design. the living space that using the curved shape for the home design with the large one side glass transparent windows that could be functioning as the door at your balcony. At the other side, there is large book shelf with the single long sofa and standing rounded lamp on the laminate triangle pattern wooden floor.

Modern Parisian Living Room in White Decor

Usually, the way to win your boring white living room is by using the touch of gold color. This kind of living space is using almost the whole furniture and interior using white color. The molding wall is beautifully suitable with the living room design. while, there is a large mirror above the small fireplace. The classic luxurious large mirror with the ornate decoration in gold color makes the simple sofa living room around become eye-catching.

Molding the Ceiling Wall with Golden Mirror and White Living Room Design