Best Look for Fall into this Wonderful Dune House Architecture

Here come from the Dutch couple architect for both Jetty and Maarten Min created an amazing Dune House architecture in North Holland. Build an original house interior by offering a twist of traditional mansard as the roof design. there, a skin of clay tiles wrapped on three side of this house by bespoke dimensions.

Dune House Architecture with White Mixing Colors

This dune house interior using the real and natural wooden tree that functioning as the pole house without omit into pieces of wood. The whole pole of wood tree only use the holder for some part to connecting one pole to another. this smart ideas obviously makes the interior so amazingly to see.

Mixing Tree for Current Design Dune House Inside

The interior house framing is using the large and thin wood to decor. Then, the beautiful ending look in the white color theme is always amazing. The dune interior house that have many windows to let the sunlight comes inside.

Modern House Framing for Dune Architecture

Dune House Perfectly Matched for Woodland Ideas Housing

The mixing of white color with brown wooden color makes the fresh look for your interior. The using of natural pole wood tree for some corner enrich the minimalist decoration. the white color applied for some furniture, floor and wall are the best choice while the wooden part applied for the roof side of living space.

Simple Living Space for Housing with Dune Type

The wood shade that framing this interior dune house amaze everyone to come and see inside this house. The architecture that smartly design upstairs for second floor simple to see from the ground floor. The wooden staircase with the large hanging up second floor are the smartest way to decorate this dune house beautifully.

Unique Type of Dune House Design with Minimalist Color Theme

Specifically Dune House Architecture Look

The stunning look for wooden that shaped interior framing dune house would shocking you. The perfect curved for each side makes this upper floor looks wider and comfy. At the other side, important to use the windows and right lighting there.

Wonderful Look for Wooden Framing Dune House

Once you have the diagonal roof, you can get closer to the outdoor view from your place. Here, the architecture of dune house using the modern small fireplace with some twin armchair with high back on the wooden floor. While the diagonal roof provide the double windows there.

Wooden Theme for Dune Housing Architecture