Brea Sports Park: Sport Park That Fulfills Community Vision and Encourages Green Practices

LPA was in charge of developing Brea Sports Park in Brea, California. The sports park is a long-standing vision of community leaders that offers recreational facilities for the public while respecting the surrounding environment, specifically the stormwater management.  The sports park consists of ball fields, a concession stand, paved courts, and a community building constructed based on community input.

the design team set batting cages as screening elements

The site was previously owned by a big oil company and still has active wells that produce oil. After going through the community input process for a year, stakeholders decided to make sustainability as their top priority. Thus, green components involve permeable pavers in the main promenade, park management best practices, and fully sub-drained fields. Constructed bioswales take care of stormwater issues. Meanwhile, to hide the existing oil wells, the design team set batting cages as screening elements.

dedicated youth and adult sport fields 2 dedicated youth and adult sport fields

Coming with four quadrants, the Brea Sports Park features dedicated youth and adult baseball fields, a full-size soccer/football field, a softball field, a basketball field, two overlay soccer fields, and a multipurpose practice field.

youth play area in brea sports park

There’s also a youth play area, a walking trail that runs along the periphery, and a passive park area. Connecting to the concessions area is planters and trees that define ample seating pockets with decorative benches.