Charming Lighting Ideas for Housing Interior

If you are typical people who like to play your house with lighting decoration, you can try this one. The lighting is not always light up your space, but it could be as your interior decoration house. Just like this lighting idea, the roof that framed with wooden is designing in particular shape and look based on your taste. Each frame space of your roof using the golden single lighting that would perfectly decorating your space without extra furniture that take the space there.

Beautiful Wooden Roof with Lighting

There is always the lighting to brighten up your corridor space in your house. This time, the corridor is using the white color theme living space. while the floor is using the creamy medium brown laminate wooden floor. There,the three pendant lamps with geometric starry shape in while color light are decorating the roof beautifully.

Dreamy Star Shaped Pendant Lamp

Brighten up your living space is not always with the lamps or pendant lamp hanging at the roof. The other way is by designing your roof with the certain design by having the space for putting your lighting as hidden way. Then, your lighting would show up perfectly without using any extra space for furniture. This one, the roof is designed rectangular that the edge is using the strip line lighting there.

Hidden Roof Lighting Ideas

Lighting Interior with Modern Design

Another corridor in your house absolutely need lighting to get the bright place. This white wall corridor is using the whole space in pure clear color painting while the creamy light wooden as the floor interior. By using the white color painting theme, you will be able freely decorate the rest beautifully. The tree stunning lamps that using the unique cover hanging up there light up your space.

Highlight the Hallway with the Pendant Lamp Rattan Style

Reading corner is another important living space in your house. There, you have to light up the space completely, so the reading time won’t be annoy with the darkness. The best way to brighten up your reading corner is by using the tracking lamp up there with the white color light. This time, the tracking lamp should be in several lights in one holder. The using of white wall decor help your living space looks brighter and suitable for reading with the large book shelf on the wall.

Light Up with Bold Tracking Lighting

Beautiful Look Light Up Your Living Space

This time, light up your joiner floor by decorating with the perfect lighting. Here, the staircase that role an important things in your house need the right light to make it clear for every step. The grey color for staircase is give the dark sense there, while the lighting is put along the line edge at the brick wall there. By this way, the dark staircase would perfectly clear by the presence of hidden lighting.

Line Up the Staircase with Hidden LED Lighting Brick Wall

The mirror that functioning as the important thing especially for women when make over their face with makeup. They absolutely needs the right mirror with the perfect lighting there. This large mirror in circle shape is using many lamps around the edge of the mirror. By using this kind of lighting that as the mirror as once, you will get the perfect lighting when you use the mirror.

Round Wall Mirror with Lighting