Chauncey Knoll Residence in Forested Landscape by Carlton Architecture

The unusual house located in the forested landscape in Carolina and designed by Carlton Architecture. The house that designed specially with attractive things because it provide have something to learn from. This time, the house that mostly applied wood as the main material for walls, floor, and furniture. As you can see at the picture above, this kind of interior applied the modern sanitary wares with the black faucet. The small windows at the corner with large mirror and small light on the wall complete this interior.

Adroable Wooden Decor Interior

Here coming the design with the white color theme. The white color applied for the roof, walls and the floor. Some of the furniture done in wooden such as the desks, framed mirror, framed door there. While, there is brick wall there to give the smooth decoration. the large mirror coming with dried potted plant beautify this room interior.

Beautiful Bathroom for Modern Look

Classy Residence with Forested House Ideas

As you can see at the picture above, there is large classy fireplace that built by brick stones orderly. Mostly, all the material and craftmanship belongs to the region where the house is located that’s what makes this house is special. The design is not only warm but also natural that touch with modernity.

Dinning Room with Farmhouse Interior

When you see the kitchen space, the minimalist look would surround this area. The kitchen dominated with the use of wooden as the interior design. the ceilings, kitchen cabinet and the floor are using the same material. There is a single white pendant lamp beautify this space in simple way. The modern look still around this kitchen even only use the minimalist wooden design.

Kitchen with Wooden Decor

Decorative Forested Landscape House Architecture

The simple living room coming with natural design by using the twin sofa armchair with the single round black table. The use of classic flower pattern in white carpet beautify this living room beautifully on the laminate wooden floor. At the other side, the windows with the wooden desk complete this living room furniture.

Living Room done with Minimalist Look

The construction of this house done with restricted budget because of the low maintenance materials, energy saving methods and technologies also low transport costs. The presence of old-growth trees surrounding this house such as yellow pine, poplar, white oak, fieldstone and crab orchad sandstone perfectly mixes in aesthetic nature design. this house would looks so classy with the dark green color exterior with golden light inside.

Unusual House with Forested Landscape Architecture