Chic and Stylish Wall Décor Ideas for Your Living Room

Adding accessories to your living room interior will make the entire design look interesting, won’t it? Fortunately, there are many types of home accessories you could easily buy at your favorite home décor stores. But sometimes, too many options don’t always make your job easier to choose the right accessories.

wall decor living room ideas 1

So let’s begin slowly and focus only on one section at times; that is your living room wall. What decorations are perfect for your living room?

sleek modern fireplace idea

Don’t worry, we’re here to give you some chic and stylish wall décor ideas you can copy for your living room.

Accenting The Living Room Wall with a Fireplace

fireplace and firewood storage

Placed in a living room, a fireplace could make an accent and a focal point that emphasizes comfort. Your living room will look stand out if you add a fireplace paired with a mantel or firewood storage.

chevron-patterened fireplace

If you prefer a more simple design, you can go with this fireplace unit clad with chevron-patterned wood. It surely adds a unique vibe to the room.

fireplace in concrete wall living room

Your modern and minimalist living room will look good together with this built-in fireplace attached to the concrete wall.

Oversized Art Pieces for A Dramatic Effect

oversized art piece in the living room

If a fireplace isn’t an option, simply an oversized artwork will do wonder as a chic décor for the living room. The huge art piece will make a bold statement and at the same time you can show off your artistic taste.

watercolor abstract artwork

What oversized artwork you choose, it should be contrasting to your living room walls. This watercolor abstract painting, for instance, makes a good contrast to the jewel tones that dominated the room.

geometric artworks to add interest

To add interest, you can use a pair of similar artwork that matches one of the used tones in the room. This pair of geometric artworks make a good match with the tone of the sofa.

Gallery Walls

chic gallery wall ideas

Gallery walls work for every space in the home as stylish wall décor, especially the living room. The gallery will draw people in and add interest to the space.

gallery walls to add interest

You can be as creative as you want with your gallery wall, be it using pictures, your own paintings, or posters.