Children’s Daytime Oncology and Hematology Centre at Vall d’Hebron University Hospital By Toormix Studio

The Children’s Daytime Oncology and Hematology Center is located at Vall d’Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona, Spain. It is a cheerful visual children’s hospital designed by Barcelona-based graphic design studio Toormix Studio that finished the project in 2015. Named as ‘Parc d’Atencions’ (Care Park) project,  the design team wanted to create a welcoming environment for patients and the medical crew.

Children’s Daytime Oncology and Hematology Centre

With the purpose of the project in mind, Toormix worked with architecture studio Plasencia Arquitectura decided to split the daytime center into three sections; a waiting room, medical consultation area, and treatment area. Not only that, each space is given a specific name based on their respective décor inspiration; the Natural Environment, the Universe, and the Racing Circuit. The design team also incorporated cartoon-like decorations styled based on the theme in each space in order to create a sense of perspective and flow.

the rooms are divided into waiting room, medical consultation room, and treatment area

The décor for the waiting room which is known as the Natural Environment features wood cutouts on the walls following the shapes of clouds, trees, mountains, and cute owls. Just like other areas in the facility, the interior for this space emphasizes its calm colors, indirect and natural lighting, and wooden paneling with wood and other natural elements to create a simple yet illustrative decoration.

the natural environment-waiting room

the waiting room with natural elements

For the medical consultation area that adopts the theme of the Universe, it comes with an array of whimsical cutouts in the shapes of rockets, planets, U.F.O, and stars. This design is believed to encourage children’s imagination.

the Universe or medical consultation area

As for the treatment area known as the Racing Circuit, the design team incorporates race track elements with a winner’s circle. This will evoke the victorious feeling whenever patients come out of the treatment room.

the treatment room or racing circuit

the race track map

Each functional design element in this facility was well thought-out to add a friendly environment that will not only help ease the daily life of all patients and the family, but also support them to make the most of their imaginations while empowering their curiosity to discover, explore, and achieve their goals.

well thought out design to make the most of children's imaginations