Contemporary Architecture for Mending Wall House with Stylish Design

Awesome house with the wonderful architectural Mending Wall designed by Australian studio BVN Architecture. There are elongated concrete blocks and stone from the Blue Mountains decorating the exterior. While this house is located in the lower landscape than the around is the best way to make this house looks like hill house.

Adorable Mending Wall Architecture with Modern House

This house using the style of cubes that geometrically shape in rectangular. At the picture above, the architect choose the grey abstract color for the brick rocks exterior. While, the other color is wood, greenery and golden color to combine. The golden color coming from the lights interior then the wooden use as the exterior flooring with the green landscape around the house.

Awesome Look for House Architecture with Mending Wall

Cool Design for Modern House Architecture with Mending Wall

When you see this house from outside with particular distance, you will get the wonderful view. The house with the classy design brick rocks in the middle of greenery landscape. Some big trees surrounded this house makes the ending looks so cozy yet feeling peace. The location of this house are perfectly suitable with the nature condition without any annoyed things around.

Beautiful Landscape House of Mending Wall Architecture

Let’s move into another side angle of this house. You will get the golden lighting from this interior house. While, there is a single large and wide outdoor floor that made from wood as the material. This outdoor space allows you to have an outdoor furniture as your place to enjoy the nature directly. Here, the four bench set furniture match to be placed in the middle side and get enough lighting.

Eye-Catching House Look with Mending Wall Architecture

Mending Wall coming with Recent House Architecture

Here coming the fresh look for house architecture with Mending Wall. The kind of wall that using the grey stone color that brick through the part of exterior house. By using this wall, you will protected strongly by the possibility damage of weather condition. By any other means, you house built in strong mode and suitable for any situation ahead.

Gorgeous Mending Wall House with Contemporary Architecture

As you can see at the picture above, there is single large and high elongated brick stone wall exterior at the back side of the house. This functioning as the winding controller so you will not get so windy coming inside your house. This wall perfectly match with the golden light house interior and makes the color combination looks so cool.

Mending Wall Ideas for Current Housing Architecture

For the house interior, the architect applied the white monochrome color theme painting interior. The white walls, ceiling and floor is currently use the same color. this time, there are two side of second floor that fill up with the house library. Where there are two side of small balcony as an extra space to read the books. While at the down stair, the modern living room with the minimalist and colored furniture complete this house interior.

Stunning Book Shelves Interior for Recent House