Cool Cantilivered House with Mountain Architecture Ideas with Restricted Budget

Here come for UZ Architecture present their current works. it is named as DH House that placed in the difficult access for large construction vehicles. This house located in the center of Taiwan on a mountain that framed by two valleys. Appear with privacy design for offering house that arranged in smart way to highlighted this residence from the outside. This house coming with stylish cantilivered type that build on a mountain feet that specially design for retired couple who restricted budget.

Beautifully Public Road Highlighting to Lead the Mountain House

This house absolutely applied the minimalist design that using low-tech building design. designed with lightweight metal structure and the joined roof wall exterior suitable for weather situation. When you see this house exterior, you will remain the container look there. The natural landscape allows the architects to create the creative building for some particular aspect purpose.

Container Structure Look for Modern Restricted Budget House

Valley Panoramic View for Mountain House Architecture

The architects are following the natural landscape without doing any changing. Then, this house done with some floating part at the other side. Actually, this condition makes the house design looks so special. By the presence of under garage with the highlighting road into the house. While surrounding the house naturally the presence of nature garden and woodlands makes this residence so eco-friendly yet comfortable.

Cool Cantilivered House with Mountain Architecture Ideas with Restricted Budget

When you take a look into the detail way. The house is using the metal sheets for the roof that giving the structure of industrial look there. While, there are twin high back rattan chair furniture as the outdoor terraces with same extra blocks floor. By this way, you will deserve the amazing view from the up there in front of your house.

Covered with Metal Sheet for Stunning Mountain  House Exterior

Coming with the square-shape dinning set with random furniture style. The friendly and chic type of chairs furniture suitable for an open large glass windows behind it. The white color of wall painting on the wooden floor are the right combination for the simple and breezy interior house. The presence of large windows help you to connect the nature view into your place inside.

Gorgeous View for an Open Dinning Set Interior

Modern Mountain Architecture Residence

The kitchen space done with white color theme decoration makes this living space bigger. The neutral color that filled with the nature light in a large open layout makes this kitchen so comfy. The track lights looks adorable and enough to complete this room. in the white living space, you can try to apply the calm colors for random chairs furniture dinning set there.

Inner Kitchen House Interior in Minimalist Design

At the picture above, you will amaze with the view from the bottom side of the house. The simple house looks amazing with extends over the rugged terrain that could capturing two valleys on a frame at the same time. This house provide the wall edge side with an open transparent glass window to give the unlimited view from up there. While, this floating house applied some lighting along the house under this house to light up the garage.

Minimalist Mountain House Exterior Look