Cool Ideas for Interior Kitchen Design in Recent Look

May you have the trouble for designing your kitchen in the limited space in your apartment, here we could show you the way to have it. This time, the kitchen room is only use the square space in the corner. There, the kitchen is using the blue pastel for the theme decoration color. The floating desk that have the four layer for different side of the wall is replacing the countertop. While, we still use the black backsplash with the simple wooden for the surface and the plain sink and the faucet.

Chic Blue Small Kitchen Design

The bright and stunning kitchen will be yours if you apply this type of interior. The kitchen interior that using the simple white color for the countertop and the backsplash. There, the kitchen cabinet only take the space in a long side. While, the modern style of laminate wooden color is suitable down there to give the beautiful result look. To give the extra space for your kitchen needs, you can use the rack that contain three layer to let you freely put things on there.

Creative Narrow Kitchen Ideas

Enchanting Decoration for Modern Kitchen Interior

The minimalist kitchen set interior only using the simple decoration that would make you fall in love. This time, the kitchen is using the tosca blue pastel for the interior and it match with the wooden surface for kitchen cabinet. While at the other side, the two large windows in the middle of the space for decorating the kitchen and become brighter with the daylight.

Limited Space Kitchen with Fresh Farmhouse Look

Actually, there is the risk for choosing the white color as your theme of kitchen interior. The responsibility that you have to do is always keep the kitchen room clean there. This kind of kitchen is almost applied for all part of the kitchen furniture even for the windows there. The grey light laminate wooden floor also makes the kitchen look adorable.

Minimalist White Kitchen with Modern Design Built In Appliance

If you have so many kitchen things in your space, you should arrange them in the right way. This time, the kitchen is using the white color for the background. Then, the wooden touch for the open kitchen cabinet countertop there and the framing edge of the backsplash also. While, there is a rectangle classic blue motive carpet there close to the fridge. Put on the greenery touches with some potted plant to make your kitchen fresher.

Small Kitchen with Open Cabinet and Greenery Touch

Minimalist Look Design for Interior Kitchen

Another simple kitchen with the tile style wall design with brick decoration would absolutely eye-catching. The wood as the decorating material into your kitchen could beautify your space in simple way. The small kitchen with the floating desk and the white cabinet backsplash are suitable to make it beautiful without any extra space to take. Then, you can add the single stool there to let someone seat on your kitchen space.

Small Kitchen with Tile and Wooden Design

Having the large kitchen space is not always using many chairs also. Here, this kitchen would show you the large space of kitchen that would looks wider if you are minimize the using of furniture. The wooden kitchen cabinet almost applied for all part of kitchen such as countertop, backsplash and other wardrobe that the fridge build in there. The laminate wooden floor with the dine table beautifully decorating the space with the only rounded circle white pendant lamp.

Wide Wooden Kitchen Decoration