Cool Ideas Lighting for Your House Living Design

There are many kinds of lighting that we could use to light up our space. the right way to use the suitable lighting to cover up the space completely bright. This time, the grey wall paint decor is perfect with the several track light hanging at the wall up there. At the living room, there is floating desk that functioning as the place for lean on your pictures frame and some books with pot there. The long simple sofa is using the several different cushion colors with the white fur carpet. The single rounded table with the dark grey rounded mini bench is the match combination to get the right lighting.

Fresh Lamps with Geometric Shape and Line in Various Color Decor Idea

The adorable way to light up your bedroom is usually by use the minimalist lamps because you will only use the twilight atmosphere when your bedtime is coming. The using of lighting at your bed is actually based on your needs. Here, the lighting is using the sparkle small light that placed at your headboard be behind the head of your sleep side. While there is the long and large peach transparent curtain from the top of the roof. Then, a single pendant classic lamp hanging up there. You can use which one of the lighting for your needs of bed time.

Headboard Bedroom Wall Lighting that Line Up Design Ideas

Stylish Design for Light Up Your Space

When you had the large space for bedroom, you can try this one design interior for lighting. The background of the bed space is using the large wooden for wall decoration from the roof until the headboard bed. There, the wooden wall decor using the random geometric shape that each line use the strip lighting line. By using this way, your bedroom would absolutely light up without using the pendant lamp or table lamp turn on.

Lighting Up the Edge Lower Kitchen Cabinet Beautifully

This time, the simple bedroom will use the strip lighting line for the wall decor. The material for wall is the dark wooden that suitable with the classic brown grey laminate wood floor. There, the upper side and the down side of the wooden wall decor is using the strip lighting line in gold color. Then, for both side wall decor the right and left corner are hanging up the two lamps. At the other side, the large windows with the grey curtain that same as the bed theme color.

Open Shelving with Lighting for Every Layer

Various Lighting Ideas with Cool Design

Another way to light up your bedroom is by designing your wall in the right place. This time, the wall decor behind your bed is using the wood as the main material. The wall that decorate with the panel design that provide you to get some part is open. Then, the open space of each panel wood is using the lights. In order to makes your bedroom get the complete brightness. At the corner, you can add the single stand lamp to increase the lighting in your bedroom.

Strip Light for Upper Kitchen Cabinet Decor Idea

There is a unique lighting to brighten up your space. this kind of light could be put on the table. The lighting is shape in circle that using the leaf pattern for each surface. The lamps is designing by stack them with the random side. This stylish lighting would perfectly brighten up your space because it use four light inside.

Strip Lighting Lining Up on Floating Staircase Design

The cool way to decorate your bedroom by using the right lighting is by hanging them up. This bedroom is using the long tumblr cable light that having much lights hanging there. The lighting decoration would be suitable if you are also hanging up the Polaroids there. The ending result is you will feel so comfortable with the enough light yet your bedroom would perfectly romantic with all those pictures.

Weathered Clad Wood Wall Decor with Strip Line Lighting