Creative and Unique Wood Floor Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

Flooring has such a great impact on your home interior. It is also considered as the largest design project that will determine the overall look of your interior design. Flooring defines the mood of the space and won’t be changed as often as you change your wallpapers.

wood floor impacts the entire design

Now, to inspire you, we will provide some flooring ideas with wood as the main material. Many designers have come up with creative wood floor designs to create a unique flair in the home.

creative red wood flooring

Here we provide you with some examples of creative wood floors that will blow your mind.

Wine Box Wood Floors

wine box wood floor

This stunning work came from a DIY project by recycling wine boxes and turn them into this vintage flair flooring. The flooring will look amazing in an entertainment room, a library, or even to compliment your wine cellar.

Color Parquet Flooring

modern color parquet flooring 1

If you prefer a more modern design, color parquet flooring could be your option. Some colors on the flooring will add punches in the space.

modern color parquet flooring 2

This flooring offers a modern look as well as a rustic vibe, emphasizing the balance between classic and contemporary style.

Jigsaw Puzzle Floor

jigsaw puzzle flooring by beckwith

Jamie Beckwith designed the Jigsaw Puzzle Floor made of interlocking wood tile. This puzzle floor could trigger your playful side and reminds you of the joy of playing puzzle game during your kiddy days, right?

Wood Flooring Like Crocodile Skin

crocodile skin like wood floor

If you are interested in trying an anti-mainstream wood flooring design, maybe this crocodile skin like wood floors would suit your unique taste. It is made of 80x80cm Wenge wood panels and created by QuadroLegno.

Carved Wood Flooring

carved wood flooring

This playful wood floor contains whimsical craving where the designer, Mafi, combined fun and kid-inspired imagery and natural element from wood together.

With these unique designs, wood flooring can create a statement in the home. So which design do you like the most?

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