Curved House Architecture with Touch of Nature in Contemporary Design

This time, the Austrian architectural as the result of practice Caramel Architects built this contemporary house for a young family in the suburbs of Vienna. At the picture above, you will see the sideline of the exterior residence done in white color theme with transparent large windows, the extra outdoor block floor closely to the front side yard beautifully complete this house.

Adorable Exterior Curved House

At the picture above, you can see the living space done in minimalist way. The interior house is contemporary with the simple furniture. The black sofa on the laminate wooden floor suitable with the white elongated desk. There,the large windows place could be set as your house office. At the other side, the opened large windows connect directly to the outside view.

Awesome Look for House Interior

Nature Touch Architecture in Modern Curved House Design

In this interior house, the white play as the main color that functioning to widen the space and maximize the natural light inside the house. The dinning set in the wooden table with the monochrome chairs on the white floor. While at the other side, you will find the large rectangular white with the glass layers to put and store things on there.

Beutiful in White for Curved House

The living room done with the grass like carpet that covers the entire surface of the floor. There, the simple single green sofa with the wooden table beautify the green theme interior. While, there is the book shelve at the wall decorate the plain white wall with the modern pendant lamp is the best combination. Then, the transparent large windows is very useful with the white curtains enrich the stunning look.

Chic Living Space in Minimalist Interior

This green living space give the touch of nature inside the house. At the other side, the builtĀ  TV stand that functioning as the desk for two sides. This living room got an enough lights from the transparent windows. Absolutely, the living space would give you the extraordinary comfortable feeling there.

Current Look for Minimalist Living Room

Stunning Curved House with Nature Touch Architecture

This house show up the curved geometry and unusual architectural elements that applied almost throughout the house. The imposing structure features with four levels, three above the ground and the rest is below. The presence of pool with minimalist lounge and standing lamp are perfect combination for housing architecture outdoor furniture.

Curved House Architecture with Touch of Nature in Contemporary Design

As you can see at the picture above, you will find the other side of the house that beautifully decorate with nature plants. There is one side of the roof that cover up with the spread plants and connected to the backyard garden decoration. this ending look makes the house of environment looks so fresh, modern yet minimalist design.

Exterior with Touch of Nature Roof Garden