Danxia Exhibition and Tourist Center: A Unique Red Rock Exhibition Center in Southern China

Danxia Exhibition and Tourist Center is designed by West-Line Studio. It is situated in Fuxing Town, inside the Danxia landform area in Southern China. The architecture team designed the facility to highlight the typical characteristic of the area. It has been designed to follow the movement of the soil in the circular route around the building’s central open courtyard.

danxia exhibition center

Completed in 2014, the Exhibition and Tourist Center is a unique red rock exhibition center which is very infamous in Danxia landform. The building where it is situated is considered as the largest Danxia landform in the country.

a unique red rock landscape

The characteristic red color is coming from a reddish accumulation of sandstone. It shaped into mesmerizing peaks, pillars, cliffs, and imposing gorges. The architects of the exhibition center took advantage of the red Danxia stones. The stones are used for different parts of the building based on their specific characteristics.

The stones are used for different parts of the building

The sloping roof is made of high porosity stones to support the growth of a thin layer of the green moss. The existing of the green moss causes the building as if it appears from the soil.

the slopping roof

A permeability-reducing protective admixture is used to treat the wall stones of the building. This is a natural moisturizer that keeps the reddish color intact regardless of the welding and cutting process done for the construction.

a permeability-reducing protective admixture in the wall stones

The use of Danxia stone in the exhibition center is an homage to the area’s natural characteristic. This offers a building a unique red personality that becomes an integral part of the surrounding landscape.

highlight the red personality