Decorative Look for Home Office Design Ideas

Here come as the home office design in stunning result. This time, white color has been the perfect color choice for home office because the color brings peace and pleasant feeling and it suitable for working space in  your house. This home office didn’t need the pendant lamp or table lamp. here we use the the diagonal roof with the low part at one side. There the single long rectangular that function as the lighting is the enough for lighten up thee office space. the floating table and the main table with simple armchair is the perfect combination.

Airy Home Office with Scandinavian Decoration

The right lighting should be use for the home office design. the hanging light up there using the eye-catchy design by use many light bubbles that looks like chandelier in one circle line. Then. The wooden table with the simple armchair are suitable for minimalist home office design. the large dark book shelf as the wall decor is perfect to combine with the plain motive wallpaper for the floor.

Catchy Chandlelier for Wooden Dark Home Office with Book Shelf Design

Mixing Ideas in Home Office Design

Let your working space in your own house in wider space. it would helps you feel focus and comfortable doing your activities there. That is why designing the right plan to avoid the attractive look that would distract your attention. The navy white is the calm colors theme for your working space with the random circle pendant lamps hanging on there. The white color play with the roof, frame windows, table, chair and carpet while the rest using the navy paint color.

Comfort Navy Home Office with White Modern Design

When you lived in the minimalist apartment and need some space for your working activities, you can try to apply this home office design. the working space that using the simple design and decoration. the white color theme that choose to give the wider look for the space and using the wooden table with floating desk up there. The addition countertop close to the roof for your things stored safely without interrupting any other space.

Mini Home Office in Minimalist Design

Cool Design for Home Office Ideas

Another way to decorate your working space is by using the color paint in the white theme. This time, the home office would almost cover up all things in the white color. For all furniture such as desk, book shelf, wall and roof. Then, the rest is using the dark soft armchair with the creamy grey brown laminate wood interior. You can use the pots plant around your book shelf to add the decoration into your office house.

Monochromatic Home Office Design in Scandinavian Idea

This one coming with the dark navy color painting theme for using the modern design. the home office is using the curved thick wooden table with the leather armchair there. Then, the use of mosaic pattern for the carpet is suitable with the wall color painting. Several picture frames are hanging up there to fill the wall decoration with the large and high pot plant at the corner.

Navy Home Office Design with Wooden and Leather Decoration

There is home office that using the thin dark wood table with the six feet down. The wooden table that using the simple modern table lamp and the white chair on there. At the other side, you can use the large sideboard for putting your things or place your picture frame there with the some pots plant there. Put the mini classic rattan basket under your table to collect your trash office.

Whisy White Home Office Ideas with Greeny Potted Decor